The Ultimate Treasury Kickstarter is coming!!!

After completing and fulfilling six Kickstarters last year and partnering on two more, we’ve been getting quite a few more ready to go for this year and the first one is almost here, the Ultimate Treasury: 1001 Terrific Treasures coming your way on April 19th! Sign up today to get notified when we launch!

This beautiful book is an encyclopedic guide to treasure of every kind for DnD 5th Edition, from commonplace potions and simple utility items to legendary weapons, awesome artifacts, and a humongous hoard of truly legendary loot! You’ll find items aplenty for any kind of campaign, from traditional fantasy to ancient treasures of the desert tombs, fey baubles to pirate loot, the armaments of crusading knights and tools for clever roof-running footpads, plus items inspired by an array of real-world cultures and items tailored specifically for use with every core 5E class!

Awesome armor, wonderful weapons and wands, remarkable rings and rods, spectacular scrolls, powerful potions, and so much more!

You’ll also find tables galore to generate detailed hoards jam-packed with an exciting assortment of treasures for every level, so no hoard will ever be the same! Plus, beyond magic items you’ll also find spectacular spellbooks with exciting enchantments and remarkable rituals, new alchemical concoctions and adventuring gear, and an awesome array of technological treasures and sci-fi loot perfect for any robot masters or crashed alien spacecraft on your world. Last but not least, you’ll find a deadly array of treasure monsters to guard all those hoards!

Hoards are a lot deadlier when guarded by the ioun golem, glisterfae, goldbugs, urannag, and abandoned armory (clockwise from top left)

This incredible assortment of magic, monsters, treasures, technology, and more is available in PDF and in beautiful hardcover. In addition, you can get a killer collection of our Legendary Loot Cards, with print-at-home PDF versions also available. Fans who also enjoy Pathfinder (both 1E and 2E) can grab killer bundles of our magic item PDFs and books for their favorite system!

We also have an amazing bundle of magic items ready for you to use in your favorite virtual tabletop system with our Massive Magic Bundle with hundreds of fantastic magic items available for both Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds!

Hundreds of magic items at your fingertips for Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds!

We’re excited to get this book into your hands, and it’s already begun layout! Art is already nearly complete, save for the final chapter where we’ll be allowing YOU, the fans, to contribute your own creations to the book’s final chapter! Launch day is coming soon, so sign up today and make your treasures truly terrific with the Ultimate Treasury! 

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