It’s LG’s 11th Anniversary! No Foolin’!

Our very first email conversation to get things rolling was on 4/1/11, and since then we’ve put a whopping 771 products, and that’s even though our first year in business we only created two! We’ve grown from a small handful of friends with heads full of fun ideas to over 100 authors, artists, and more dedicated to creating the very finest RPG products you’ll find anywhere! Shout out to my fellow O.G.’s, Boomer, Neil, Greg, and Clark, and thanks to each and every one of you for making the last decade-plus truly LEGENDARY! 
We started out doing Pathfinder products, and we’re still delighted to support both versions of the game. We’ve released over 40 killer class expansions and new class books for Pathfinder, including this past week’s Legendary Inquisitors with a metric ton of killer class options, spells, feats, archetypes, and alternate class features! We also have created plenty of exciting new classes too, like Second Edition Classes: Wanderer coming next week, a nameless drifter and gritty peacekeeper for Pathfinder Second Edition! 

We’ve also made close to 200 5th Edition products, from our very first introductory 1st-level adventures that were live the day 5E launched! Coming soon we’ve got more adventures for EPIC-LEVEL 5E with the Heart of War for 22nd-level characters and Forgotten Crowns for 23rd level! Our ever-growing magic item card set just added its latest member with Legendary Loot Cards Deck #4, with fantastic treasures for every level ready for you; it’s already gone out to our Legendary Loot Patreon members and will be available soon for everyone! Members get new 5E content every single day, and everyone gets FREE magic items every Friday, like this week’s whimsically wicked jester’s cosh!


Oh yeah, and one more thing is heading your way this month, launching April 19th. More details coming soon… 

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