Starfinder Sunday brings MEGA-BUNDLES and *three* new Stellar Options!

Legendary Games was born on April 1st and we were foolish enough to miss celebrating, but Black Friday seems like a great time for absurdly awesome savings on a truly LEGENDARY treasure trove of PDFs, getting literally thousands of pages of killer gaming material at 80-90% OFF at the Legendary Games webstore and through our awesome partners at DrivethruRPG, Paizoand the Open Gaming StoreYou can find incredible deals on DnD 5E, and Pathfinder 1E and 2E, but today is Starfinder Sunday so it’s time to save huge! 

  • You can pick up our incredible Starfinder Super Bundle of 14 fantastic PDFs (over 500 pages) of character classes, magic and high-tech treasures, spells, adventures, post-apocalyptic horror, and more! Better still, we’ve released a SECOND spectacular Starfinder selection with Starfinder Super Bundle II: Wrath of Con, with over 650 pages of killer content for your Starfinder campaign, each available for just $20!


Plus, we’ve been a bit remiss in unveiling our incredible weekly series of Starfinder supplements, Stellar Options! You can get the first three as part of our Starfinder Super Bundle II, but we’ve got awesome new stuff coming every single week!



Don’t forget to pick up the earlier installments of Stellar Options or any of the rest of our terrific line of Starfinder supplements!
Stellar Options #1: Inferno Soldier
Stellar Options #2: Soldier Archetypes
Stellar Options #3: Outer Rim Themes
Stellar Options #4: Inner Core Themes
Stellar Options #5: Operative Abilities
Stellar Options #6: Fey Mystic Connections
Stellar Options #7: Mental Mysteries
Stellar Options #8: Advanced Gunnery
Stellar Options #9: Grav Warriors
Stellar Options #10: Biohacker Abilities
Stellar Options #11: Aether Connections
Stellar Options #12: Rift Breaker
Stellar Options #13: Xenobiology
Stellar Options #14: Planetary Psychology
Stellar Options #15: Integrated Arsenals
Stellar Options #16: Alternate Solarians
Stellar Options #17: Battle Song
Stellar Options #18: Special Ops
Stellar Options #19: Superstars
Plus new issues coming out almost every weekend!

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