Black Friday is All Month Long with MEGA-BUNDLES for 5E, PF1, PF2, and SF!

Legendary Games was born on April 1st and we were foolish enough to miss celebrating, but Black Friday seems like a great time for absurdly awesome savings on a truly LEGENDARY treasure trove of PDFs, getting literally thousands of pages of killer gaming material at 80-90% OFF at the Legendary Games webstore and through our awesome partners at DrivethruRPG, Paizoand the Open Gaming Store

  • The 20 for 20 V 5E MEGA-BUNDLE is just what it says on the tin, 20 PDFs, 20 bucks, nearly 1,300 pages of adventures, character options, monsters, magic items, spells, feats, campaign rules expansions, and so much more!
  • The Path-Five-der RPG MEGA-BUNDLE is likewise jam-packed with over 1,400 pages across 20 PDFs, including adventures from 1st to 20th level, incredible monsters, class expansions, campaign guides and expansions, and GM toolboxes to enhance your Pathfinder 1st Edition campaign!
  • But wait, we also have TWO bundles for Pathfinder 2: the Lucky 13 Pathfinder 2E MEGA-BUNDLE with a baker’s dozen of Pathfinder Second Edition supplements including spells, feats, adventures, class books, and spell card decks for just $10, plus the followup Lucky 14 Pathfinder 2E MEGA-BUNDLE, with 1 more PDF and 300 more pages of killer classes, magic items, adventures, and more for PF2 for just $20!
  • And speaking of sequels, for sci-fi fans we have followed up our original Starfinder Super Bundle of 14 fantastic PDFs (over 500 pages) of character classes, magic and high-tech treasures, spells, adventures, post-apocalyptic horror, and more, with Starfinder Super Bundle II: Wrath of Con, with over 650 pages of killer content for your Starfinder campaign, each available for just $20!


Of course, long-time fans of Legendary Games also know this is not our first rodeo in the wonderful world of mega-bundles!

  • For 5th Edition fans, we have the original 20 for 20 5E MEGA-BUNDLE, plus the 20 for 20 II and 20 for 20 III, and last year’s 20 for 20 IV 5E MEGA-BUNDLE, each one featuring 20 PDFs for $20! And before you ask, no there are *NO* repeats in any of these bundles. We’ve just made a *LOT* of products over the years and we are excited and delighted to share them with you!
  • For the Pathfinder RPG, we have our original super-bundle deal, 60 Books, 30 Bucks; 40 Books, 30 Bucks; 30 for 40; and last year’s Fantastic 40 Pathfinder RPG MEGA-BUNDLE, each bundle featuring around 1,500 pages of incredible Pathfinder PDFs just right for your table, including 5-star seal-of-approval awesome titles from every genre!

You can find all of our bundles right here at the Legendary Games webstore, and

Plus, don’t miss the incredible Mother of Monsters 5E Kickstarter project going on right now! This DnD 5E adventure saga is inspired by the myths and legends, gods and heroes of ancient Greece! Within this world, Mother of Monsters offers over 200 pages of adventures and bonus material to create a sensational sword and sandals campaign, including the 108-page adventure Stone Mother’s Assault, the 60-page Player’s Guide with new races, feats, class options, gear, and more, and the 32-page GM’s Guide with tons of terrific adventure hooks and more! It all ends November 24, with immediate fulfillment on all PDFs! Check it out and have a Legendary weekend!


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