COVID is still a thing – Boricubos launch rescheduled to August 17!

Hi all, we are gearing up for the Boricubos: Latin American Monsters and Adventures Kickstarter, which was set to launch the TODAY! However, a key member of our ads and promotions team has been recovering from COVID and a follow-up illness. They are on the mend and should be back to work next week, but next week I have travel plans myself! While we would love to get these books into your hands ASAP, there’s nothing so urgent about this week in particular to launch that demands we stick to it, and after a great and wide-ranging conversation with the other folks on the promo team about best approaches, we have decided to postpone launch until Tuesday, August 17, running for 30 days and ending Thursday, September 16! 
This two-book Kickstarter features both the Boricubos: The Lost Isles campaign setting and our latest fantastic bestiary, Latin American Monsters, and it’s going to be available not only for Pathfinder RPG but also for Pathfinder Second Edition and for DnD 5E! We  are putting the final artistic touches on our Kickstarter page and getting ready to launch next week! If you’re looking for amazing new monsters (starting with 80 amazing creatures and with stretch goals poised to hit 120 or more!) and a magnificent new tropical campaign setting (with awesome bonus adventure stretch goals and more fun stuff) for Pathfinder or DnD, follow our Kickstarter preview page right here to get notified when we go live later this month!

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