Monday = PF1-day, with a new Akashic class and a Legendary Planet Bundle of Holding!

We have had a great response to last month’s new akasha-focused class in Akashic Classes: Volur, and we are delighted and excited to release a second new class for this fantastic alternate magic system with today’s Akashic Classes: KheshigThis mystic warrior is equal parts steadfast guardian and deadly hunter, using the power of akasha to garb themselves in veils of raw mystic power! You’ll find nearly 60 new veils from eldritch armor and spellwoven weapons to utility powers, alongside new feats, items, and class options galore! You can grab this 44-page class expansion right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, Amazonand DrivethruRPG


If you love the killer classes coming for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, you should definitely check out the Legendary Games Discord Channel, where we’re hosting playtests for the Legendary Druid, Legendary Sorcerer, and more! There also are tons of new class options, races, spells, and more in our upcoming campaign setting Boricubos: The Lost Isles, set in a lush tropical archipelago inspired by the myths and legends of Puerto Rico and beyond, with the DnD 5E version already nearly finished in layout and the Pathfinder RPG version set to begin layout this weekend, and a Pathfinder Second Edition version coming soon! 

Speaking of new worlds and multi-system marvels, we are super-stoked to partner with the fine folks at Bundle of Holding to offer a spectacular star-spanning special offer on the Legendary Planet Adventure Path for Pathfinder RPG and DnD 5E! You can get this incredible nearly 750-page adventure path for either game system at an unbelievable discount with the base bundle, and with the expanded bundle add in incredible extras like Stargates, Treasury of the Machine, and half a dozen of our wonderful Legendary Worlds, each featuring new monsters, feats, spells, races, equipment, and adventure hooks galore!

Grab the Legendary Planet Bundle of Holding now through May 24th, starting at just $14.95! 

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