5E FREE-Day + Battlemasters & Berserkers 700% funded and climbing!

The spectacular Battlemasters & Berserkers Kickstarter is LIVE… and already over 700% of its funding goal!  

Battlemasters & Berserkers is a 72-page 5th Edition supplement that resents a wide variety of character options for fighters and barbarians, including new archetypes, backgrounds, primal paths, class-specific magic items, alternate class features, and more, including essays on different ways to role-play your characters for each class, as well as explorations of how these classes might play or feel differently in different genres.
This book is DONE and ready to go out to backers as soon as the Kickstarter ends. Not almost done. ALL DONE! This project ends Monday, May 10th, with PDFs going out immediately afterwards and books following as soon as printing allows! JOIN THE FIGHT and share with friends and fellow 5E fans.


Plus, in the spirit of 5E FREE-DAY, we’ve created a 10-page Battlemasters & Berserkers Free Preview PDF available at the Legendary Games webstore and DrivethruRPG, and soon at the Open Gaming Store too!

Of course, 5E FREE-day is also a day to grab a free new magic item from the Legendary Loot Patreon, and this week you can protect your spells from pesky dispelling and disruption with the fantastic staff of spell girding! You can grab over two dozen free magic items right now from our weekly archives, but even if you’re not a member of our Patreon you can get our collected magic items, monsters, spells, class options, and more as a beautiful print or PDF compilation in our monthly magazine! The Dragon’s Hoard #5 released earlier this month (you can grab this 28-page book in PDF and print at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, Amazonand DrivethruRPG) but our Patrons can get the next installment starting tomorrow, May 1st! The Dragon’s Hoard #6 features magnificent magic items like the feareating ring, hurricane harpoon, and choker of vengeance, spells like cobra spit, magnetic ray, and blessed silver strike, class options like the Satyr Sorcerer and Chainmaster, and magnificent monsters like the achaierai, stromkarl, and deadly abandoned armory! It’ll be live for everyone on May 14, but our Patrons get their first (and FOR FREE with the right Patron levels). Plus, we’re putting together our second deck of Legendary Loot Cards, coming your way soon!

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