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Battlemasters & Berserkers 5E Quickstarter Coming Next Monday!

A new Quickstarter project is coming next week to Legendary Games – Battlemasters & Berserkers!!!

Battlemasters & Berserkers is a 72-page 5th Edition supplement that resents a wide variety of character options for fighters and barbarians, including new archetypes, backgrounds, primal paths, class-specific magic items, alternate class features, and more. Playing a lord of the battlefield isn’t all about rules, though, so you’ll also find essays on different ways to role-play your characters for each class, as well as explorations of how these classes might play or feel differently in different genres. 5E is at its heart a fantasy RPG, but its system is amply flexible enough to allow for adventures and even entire campaigns in a variety of milieus, and you’ll find a ton of terrific options here for both classes. Whether you want to focus on savagery or skill, careful martial training or the power of sheer unbridled rage, you’ll find a ton of terrific options for the two fightin’-est classes in all of 5th Edition

Layout is complete and this book is ready to go out to backers as soon as the Kickstarter project ends. Not almost done. ALL DONE! This project will last just two short weeks, so follow our project at the link below and share with friends and fellow 5E fans. Let’s all GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!