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5E FREE Day with Sea Monsters and New Adventures Coming Soon!

5E Friday being FREE-Day takes on a whole new meaning as our Sea Monsters Kickstarter keeps on rolling, now over 6000% funded and climbing in just as we make the turn into the second half of our project! We are so excited to share what’s coming that we have just released a Sea Monsters Preview PDF, which you can download right now at DrivethruRPG or the Legendary Games webstore, featuring four of the fantastic denizens of the deep you’ll find inside this volume – the clockwork leviathan, storm hag, loran monk, and the devastating scylla! By all means, share the link with everyone and point them right back here so they can see what they’re missing out on! It all ends March 21st, so climb aboard today! 
It’s just about sea monsters, either, as anyone who missed our Mythos Monsters Quickstarter last month can jump on board at a special Kickstarter discount to add that to their order of Sea Monsters and grab over 40 eldritch abominations perfect to add a dose of cosmic horror to any game. You also can pick up the incredible 448-page Pirate Campaign Compendium for 5E, featuring everything you ever wanted to know about aquatic adventuring including five complete adventures, spells, character options, fast-play ship-to-ship and fleet battle rules, a massive bestiary of nautical NPCs, and so much more! We’re also gearing up for our next Quickstarter, Asian Monsters, set to kick off March 31st!
Of course, 5E Friday is also a day to grab a free new magic item from the Legendary Loot Patreon, and this week it is the delightfully handy cavalry baton, the perfect thing for mastering mounts and staying in the saddle! You can grab nearly two dozen free magic items right now from our weekly archives, but if you’ve ever wanted to hold our legendary treasures right in the palm of your hand, now you can! If you haven’t already picked up last week’s new release, we hope you check out our first set of Legendary Loot Cards: Deck #1, an 80-card deck featuring dozens and dozens of magic items of every description and for every class. From common items like the bottled wisp and diplomat’s signet to legendary relics like the plate of the white wyrm, staff of draconic power, and cuirass of miracles, you’ll find terrific treasures for every character! We’ll be releasing a new deck quarterly, with PDF versions and two files provided, one with each item on its own page for easy device viewing and another templated for easy printing! Grab a deck right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG
Legendary Games is proud to announce our partnership with veteran author Darrin Drader, worked on such titles as the D&D 3.5 Book of Exalted Deeds, Forgotten Realms: Serpent Kingdoms, Forgotten Realms: Mysteries of the Moonsea, D20 Apocalypse, and a host of others. He started DDD (Darrin Drader Designs) as a creative outlet for his awesome adventures, campaign settings, and more, and next Friday we’ll be debuting our first DDD production through Legendary Games, Master of the Forgotten Temple! Check out what you’ll see inside! 

The Town of Woodwail Has a Dragon Problem

It’s not an obvious problem; dragons don’t swoop out of the sky and prey upon caravans and livestock. This problem is far more insidious. Decades ago, the dragon, Chardinarth took up residence in a forgotten temple outside the frontier town of Woodwail. Not content to simply sit and bide its time, it began extorting money from the local Duke. Now, its demands have increased.

Duke Arret Warda oversees the town of Woodwail for the Regent. A fair but grim man who carries this burden heavily, he knows he, and his father before him, have been party to activity many might consider treasonous; raiding the coffers to enrich a dragon’s hoard. The dragon has grown greedier. Warda knows he must do something to rid the area of this monster. He needs dragon slayers!

Master of the Forgotten Temple is an adventure for the 5th Edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game, and is intended for characters levels 11 to 13.