The Sea Monsters 5E bestiary is now available on Quick-Starter! 

Sea Monsters is an 80-page softcover bestiary featuring over 60 maritime monsters and nautical nemeses, from low-level minions of the deep like mutant selachim sahuagin and to reef hagsliving islands to coral golems, savage predators like the devilfish and slaughtermaw lamprey, and legendary foes like the scylla, charybdis, and even the Midgard Serpent, alongside a marvelous array of monstrous sea life more familiar to our world like giant squid, megalodons, deep tiger anemones, shipwrecker crabs, and ravenous urchin swarms! Plus, you get bonus rules for aquatic adventuring, and if you really love adventures above and below the waves you can get a killer bundle discount of Sea Monsters with the massive 448-page Pirate Campaign Compendium, plus adventures and accessories available for the Fantasy Grounds VTT!

Best of all, this is a Quickstarter! No waiting for months or years to get your stuff. Layout is complete, and save for final corrections the book is done. Not almost doneactually done. As soon as the project ends, PDFs go out immediately right here at DrivethruRPG! Softcover books go out as soon as they’re printed. Our Mythos Monsters bestiary project funded in 12 minutes and totaled over 1,200 backers in just 15 days (and if you missed that project, you can grab a copy as part of this project with a Kickstarter discount too), so set sail on a new course for adventure, your mind on a new collection of killer creatures ready to drag your heroes down to Davy Jones’ locker! 

Climb aboard and share the link and the love for Sea Monsters 5E from now until March 21st


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