On 5E FREE-day, Mythos Monsters are here, and Sea Monsters are coming!

Last month we ran our very successful Mythos Monsters “Quickstarter” campaign, creating a fantastic 74-page D&D 5E bestiary featuring over 40 eldritch abominations drawn from the minds of Lovecraft, Derleth, and those inspired by their oeuvre! From mythos minions like deep ones and nightgaunts to potent gugs, elder things, denizens of Leng, and hounds of Tindalos, to towering bholes, shoggoths, and even Great Old Ones, you’ll find them all here, plus terrifying variants of classic Lovecraft-inspired D&D creatures like the veiled master aboleth, neh-thalggu master, and delirious chorus of gibbering mouthers! This terrific tome is now available everywhere fine 5E products are sold, including the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, and DrivethruRPG! It will be available later on Amazon once our backers have had their print copies shipped! already available to our Kickstarter backers and will be available for everyone next month!

But wait, there’s more! Next week we are aiming to launch our next QUICKstarter for an even bigger monster book, Sea Monsters, with over 60 maritime monsters and nautical nemeses, from low-level minions of the deep like mutant selachim sahuagin and to reef hagsliving islands to coral golems, savage predators like the devilfish and slaughtermaw lamprey, and legendary foes like the scylla, charybdis, and even the Midgard Serpent, alongside a marvelous array of monstrous sea life more familiar to our world like giant squid, megalodons, deep tiger anemones, shipwrecker crabs, and ravenous urchin swarms! Layout is underway now, but aside from that the book is done. Not almost done, actually done. As soon as the project ends, PDFs go out immediately. Softcover books go out as soon as they’re printed. Our Mythos Monsters bestiary project funded in 12 minutes and totaled over 1,200 backers in just 15 days. We are getting set up to launch launch next week, so set a course for adventure, your mind on a new collection of killer creatures ready to drag your heroes down to Davy Jones’ locker!

Coming your way on Kickstarter next 5E next Monday, March 1st!!!

Plus, in addition to this focused bestiary of killer creatures from the briny blue, we also are offering our fantastic Pirate Campaign Compendium at a special Kickstarter discount if you really want to expand your options for nautical campaigns with five complete adventures, over a hundred aquatic-themed magic items and spells, new class and character options, tons of bonus rules for ships, sailing, and nautical adventures, plus fast-play fleet battles rules, a bestiary of ready-to-use pirate NPC stat blocks, and aquatic adventuring options from around the world, from the frigid arctic to Arabia and the South Pacific!

Last but not least, of course, what about FREE stuff? Every Friday is now FREE DAY at the Legendary Loot Patreonso every new magic item posted on Fridays is free for everyone, not just patrons! Today’s magical delight is the strangling straps, sinister leather armor spun from the peeled skin of a demon serpent! Right now you can grab over 20 marvelous magic items absolutely free as a foretaste of all the goodies available to patrons! We hope you’ll join up, of course, but even if you don’t the wand of aquafire, signet of the life pharaoh, map of the trailblazer, servant samovar, mind mirror, cane of butterflies, admiralty parade kit, blade of the black desert, bullroarer’s bugle, diamondice dagger, dragon fetish, gauss ring, ghostly gossamer, rod of defoliation, sack of gluttony, sewer suit, truthtelling cauldron, wand of conjuration, wand of visibility, werewolf cape, witch’s broom are yours to enjoy for free from your friends at Legendary Games!

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