Legendary Mesmerists: Second Edition is here for PF2-sday!!!

Following up on our best-selling Legendary Kineticists: Second Edition class for PF2 we present another spectacular psychic class, a mind-bending master of the occult arts! Legendary Mesmerists: Second Edition is here to excite and delight you with an amazing update, a 20-level occult spellcaster with over 150 class feats, spells, class options, and so much more! From Ampilfy Pain and Devastating Invective to Petrifying Stare and Fanatical Sacrifice, this class lets you wield the power of the mind like never before. Plus you get new spells, magic items, occult skill unlocks, and three sample characters to show you all this class can do with the Pathfinder Second Edition rules. Don’t try to resist, just grab a copy today in PDF and print at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon

If you like mastering occult secrets, you also should brace yourself for even more amazing class options coming your way soon. In February you’ll be getting the all-new Legendary Cabalist class from Onyx Tanuki, a 20-level occult spellcaster who binds the hidden spirits of the universe to be his animus and draws their secrets through their familiar to unleash magical mysteries of every sort!

Plus the marvelous Vanessa Hoskins and their team have already started work on the next occult class update for Pathfinder Second Edition with Legendary Occultists! That’s right, your favorite relic hunters will be getting their very own full PF2 rebuild! Keep your eyes on the prize and bring home even more awesome occultism from LG!

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