Starfinder Sunday, with Inner Core Themes and Plant Symbionts!

There are two terrific reasons to have a Legendary weekend today, with the next installment in our sensational Stellar Options series, our new Starfinder supplements coming your way every week for just $1.99! This week we bring you Inner Core Themes by Emily Parks, Jeremy Corff, John Godek, and Jason Nelson, where your heroes can master the music of the spheres as an adept of the song, become a star of the holo-news service as a correspondent, uncover the truth as a mystic detective, and learn the secrets of the ancients as a prehistorian. Show those grungy goons from the outer rim how to be hero with class! Get it now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoor DrivethruRPG!

Plus, coming soon for all your Starfinder RPG heroes who’d really like to have a plant pal of their very own, Plant Symbionts, with bonus content for the awesome Aethera Campaign Setting but perfect for use in any Starfinder campaign! Check out what you’ll find inside these pages below and look for it coming your way later this month!

Exobiology and biotechnology combine into an awesome array of new options for your Starfinder Roleplaying Game campaign in Plant Symbionts! Tap into the power of the alien verdant green with over a dozen new class features, spells, and feats, as well as the symbiont master archetype. Infuse your equipment with root and vine, and bond a personal symbiont to your character to grant them new abilities, including simple symbiont companions and a dozen fully described symbiont creatures from airsuits and flight packs to grappling claws and living armor, which can be used as standalone creatures or bonded to provide special abilities to their hosts. Cultivate amazing new character options with this 22-page Starfinder supplement and Make Your Game Legendary!

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