New Adventures for the New Year for 5E!

2020 is here and we are ready for a year of amazing adventure at Legendary Games! Of course, a new year presents new opportunities, and new things can be SCARY so why not kick off the year with a horror adventure! Beware the deranged and degenerate villagers, the malevolent madness of the debauched noble family whose palatial manor has decayed into a haunted house, and rescue those depending on you from a fate truly unspeakable! Get your 8th-level characters ready for a new 60-page 5E adventure in Whisper House, available right now in PDF and print at the Legendary Games webstore, Paizo, Open Gaming Store, DrivethruRPG, and soon at Amazon! 

We have plenty more creepy horror stuff coming your way for 5E too, with the Tome of Madness and the Cultic Codex both back in from the development team and ready for layout. They’ll be heading your way soon with all kinds of horrifying new options to frighten your players, not just their characters! Every one is an excellent addendum to the horror products you can grab already from our Gothic Plug-Ins line, from malevolent magic items in the Treasury of the Macabre to sinister side-treks like Feasting at Lanterngeist and murderous monsters like the Construct Codex!

This year also has several BIG adventure projects on hand, including the Mother of Monsters Adventure Path in partnership with Zagora Games, bringing the heroism of classical Greek mythology to your 5E table, and we’ll have more information coming your way on that soon! 2020 is also when we will finally debut the long-awaited Aegis of Empires Adventure Path from Greg Vaughan and his team. We’ve been talking about Aegis of Empires for a long time, and you might wonder “Why is it taking so long?” Quite simply, we are working very hard on the front end to get things done and minimize any wait time or lag time on the back end. This is going to be quite a substantial undertaking, with THREE versions of this massive saga, not just for 5E but also for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and Pathfinder Second Edition! There are a ton of maps and loads of artwork, and a lot of development and layout time. We don’t want to just send up a signal flare and then have the project drag out with people waiting after the fact. That said, we are getting close! We’re finishing off a huge partnership project this January and February, but we are targeting March for a Kickstarter launch, with a possible early release of the Aegis of Empires Player’s Guide and the first adventure for all three systems, The Book in the Old House, clocking in at around 64 pages of horror-tastic haunted house goodness!

Get ready for an amazing year of adventures from Legendary Games!

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