Daily Archives: November 27, 2019

Spectacular Starfinder Aliens and Adventures!

Today is a banner day for Starfinder fans, as we are excited and delighted to debut the latest amazing adventure in the epic Legendary Planet saga, the water-world invasion  into The Depths of Desperation! This 100-page high-level adventure pits your Starfinder heroes of 14th-17th level in a desperate race against time and the bil’djooli onslaught, gathering allies, unraveling sinister schemes, and linking past, present, and future to find your destiny! This adventure also includes tons of new monsters, magical and technological items, a gazetteer of the water-world of Vareen, and the latest installment in Chris Jackson’s ongoing short story series! High-level Starfinder adventures are hard to find, and this one can be played as part of the ongoing Legendary Planet campaign or as a standalone adventure where your PCs find themselves drawn into a fight for freedom! Grab it today in print and PDF at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon!

Plus, the NINTH and final book is finally complete from our Alien Bestiary Kickstarter project with the release to Kickstarter backers of the Alien Codex (Starfinder), jam-packed with over 300 pages of playable alien species from “legacy races” like elves and humans and halflings to animate plants, bestial and reptilian species, mechanical creatures, aquatic and psychic civilizations, and more! You’ll find over 100 new class options from feats and spells to magic items and mechanical gear, plus over 150 ready-to-use stat blocks to drop into your campaign. PDFs and print copies are going out to backers first, but it’ll be available for all Starfinder fans next month!

The other two books in the series are the 448-page Alien Bestiary, with well over 200 new sci-fi mutants, monsters, and menaces, plus appendices of bonus rules for gravity, vacuum, radiation, technological hazards, and more, and the Aethera Field Guide, exploring the sixfold planets of the Aethera system in rich and beautiful ecological detail , with well over 100 new monsters, magic and tech items, class options, and more! To celebrate the impending release of the Alien Codex (Starfinder), we are offering a special ONE-WEEK-ONLY SALE, where you can get $10 off the PDF, print, or bundle on the Aethera Field Guide (Starfinder) and the Alien Bestiary (Starfinder) only right here at the Legendary Games webstore. Grab your copies today!

Also coming next month, you can truly take your Starfinder campaign to new levels with the magnificent Star Empires Compendium, bringing you comprehensive rules for exploration, colonization, conquest, intrigue, creating your own personal brand and building relationships across the universe! Coing your way probably next week!