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ULTIMATE KINGDOMS for DnD 5E and PFRPG has launched!

Heroes find fame and fortune in their adventures, but why just be rich as a king when you can actually BE A KING? Carving out a domain of your own has been a part of the game since the beginning, and Ultimate Kingdoms is an ideal supplement to cover what your character can do when you get home from that epic journey or drag your loot out of the dungeon. There’s more to the hero life than just buying the sharpest sword or the mightiest staff. Your character should really be somebody in the campaign world, make their mark, and build a legacy that will last, and that’s where Ultimate Kingdoms comes in!
This hardback book contains the rules you need to build a kingdom and a legacy for your character! Legendary Games has compiled over 400 pages of our best-selling Ultimate line to bring you an awesome array of options for your characters outside of dungeon delving, including:
  • Kingdoms  – core rules for creating cities, nations, and armies
  • Ultimate Rulership  – expanded cities, improvements, edicts, events, governments
  • Ultimate Battle – expanded tactics, command boons, terrain, environment, 
  • Ultimate War  – expanded commanders, sieges, air and sea battles, combined arms
  • Ultimate Factions – power and politics, secret missions, alliances, influence, treason
  • Ultimate Relationships build robust relationships with key NPCs
  • Ultimate Strongholds – classic castles and fantastic fortresses
  • Ultimate Ships ship-to-ship combat, fast-play fleet combat, ship modifications
  • Ultimate Commander – a brand-new character class leading their squad on adventures!
  • plus stretch goals featuring brand-new content, including the long-awaited Ultimate Armies rules for mercenary bands, logistics, a bestiary of troops, and more! 

PLUS, we’ve got amazing stretch goals, an army of awesome guest authors spanning the history of D&D, Pathfinder, and more from old-school AD&D to modern Adventurer’s League and all points in between to bring you exciting new additions.

Get on over to Kickstarter and claim your crown today!