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Mythic Monday Times Two, and Paizo store back up, and reviews ahoy!

This week saw the triumphant release of Mythic Feats: Wilderness Feats, and the companion volume, Mythic Feats: Advanced Feats is coming your way next week! What will you find inside?

Mythic Feats: Advanced Feats is your encyclopedia for advanced character design, with over 130 all-new mythic feats enhancing the options in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Class Guide, from Aberrant Tumor to Wounded Paw Gambit and all feats in between. Whether your character is martial or magical, a wide-ranging dilettante or a single-focus fanatic, Mythic Feats: Advanced Feats contains mythic feats of every kind from entry-level basics to high-level specializations. You will find combat feats like Canny Tumble, Pummeling Charge, and Merciless Butchery, alongside magical aids like Talented Magician, Channeled Blessing, and Flexible Wizardry. Of course, there is a wide range of feats designed to enhance your class features, from Raging Blood and Slayer’s Feint to Battle Cry and Dueling Cape Deed, alongside feats like Bookish Rogue, Amateur Investigator, and Seething Hatred that help you branch out into the tricks and talents of classes other than your own. They are all here, every one, developed with flair and function in mind as only Legendary Games can bring it, by the same designers that wrote most of the mythic feats in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Mythic Adventures in the first place. Grab this killer 30-page collection of advanced feats by Margherita Tramontano, Jason Nelson, and Julian Neale today and Make Your Game Legendary! 


We also are delighted to report that after a week-plus of technical difficulties our friends at Paizo.com have got their site and store up and running again! If you’re a regular customer at the Paizo store, that means that now you can run over there and grab some of our amazing recent products like the Alien Codex (Pathfinder) and Mythic Feats: Wilderness Feats, and they’ll have Mythic Feats: Advanced Feats ready to go next Monday with the rest of our sales partners when Mythic Monday returns!

We are closing in on release of a number of big projects, including the Alien Bestiary (5E), Aethera Field Guide (Pathfinder), Fort Scurvy (5E), Pirate Campaign Compendium (5E), and Star Empires (Starfinder), but while looking ahead is great we never want to forget to look behind, and the amazing Endzeitgeist has been doing that with a flurry of recent reviews of Legendary Games products! In the last week or so he’s posted up fantastic reviews in his usual insane level of detail and heaped praise on the following books, and we encourage you to go check them out on his review site, and perhaps grab a copy today!

  • Mythic Monsters: Greek
  • Mythic Monsters: South Pacific
  • Mythic Monsters: Fey
  • On the Siberian Line
  • Treasury of the City

Check them out and look forward to more great reviews from Endy soon, and have a Legendary weekend!