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Corrupted Classes Coming!

The war for the wounded lands continues! Whether you are a crusader champion driving back the forces of evil or a corrupted collaborator sowing sedition in the ranks of those who stand in the breach, you’ll find an assortment of awesome new options in the upcoming Corrupted Classes! 


A quick glimpse at the table of contents tells you what you’ll find within, including nearly 50 archetypes and fiend-focused feats! Check out the table of contents


Corrupted Classes

Crusader Archetypes

Cursed Archetypes

  • Absorb Violent Energies
  • Apocalyptic Survivor
  • Awareness on Dark Wings
  • Blazing Bolts Against the Darkness
  • Burning Thunder of Omnikinesis
  • By Blackest Ink
  • Comprehend the Corrupted
  • Cruel Kiss of Thunder
  • Dark Force Adept
  • Fiendfoe
  • Fierce Fiendish Brilliance
  • Flesh of Many Skins
  • Force-Focusing Oath
  • Heir to Power Unstable
  • Incredible Hidden Power
  • Initiate of Thanatokinesis
  • Redeemed Scoundrel
  • Rot Fiend
  • Senses of the Shrike
  • Sorcerous Damnation
  • Thrallborn
  • Thrashing Heart of the Shockwave
  • Twisted Flesh
  • Warp Sense
  • Warped Mind

Feats of the Wounded Lands                                                                        

Magic Items

Mental Corruptions