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Aethera is HERE-A, time to go APE in the final 60 hours!

Thanks to all of your support, the time for Aethera is NOW with the Alien Bestiary Project! The opening salvo in this all-out Aethera Assault is adding TEN terrific new iconic heroes for 5E, Starfinder, and Pathfinder, two each of the humans, the aetherite-tainted infused, the beast-bodied okanta, the green-hearted erahthi, and the mechanical phalanx, each with detailed backstories and personalities, multiple levels of stat blocks, and bonus content for each race!

With this added content, the awesome Alien Codex is now up over 200 pages, with much more yet within reach in the final days of this project! Next up comes our third book, the fantastic Aethera Field Guide, and we are already on a fast train to unlocking it at $30,000, with even more Aetheric Aliens added to the Alien Codex  and awesome extraterrestrial enemies in the Alien Bestiary! All told, we’re already around 500 pages of spectacular space and sci-fi adventure content, with 600 pages easily within reach!

Pledge today for the Alien Bestiary, Alien Codex, and Aethera Field Guide

Kickstarter Ends September 30 at 10:00 PM Pacific time!

This is a complex project because we’re making several different things at the same time, so we just wanted to recap the basic breakdown in how to get what you want!

For 5E or Starfinder:

1. Alien Bestiary (space monsters)

2. Alien Codex (alien races, an “NPC bestiary” of standard characters, and iconic heroes)

3. Aethera Field Guide (variant monsters, in-depth ecologies, monster lore, setting material)

4. Add-on pledge of Legendary Planet starter kit (first 100-page adventure + player’s guide)


For Pathfinder:

1. Alien Bestiary Companion (a smaller book of space monsters, since many space monsters already exist in official Pathfinder bestiaries)

2. Alien Codex (as above)

3. Aethera Field Guide (as above)

4. Add-on pledge of Legendary Planet starter kit (first 100-page adventure + player’s guide)

5. Aethera Campaign Setting (580-page sci-fi campaign book; about 130 pages of Pathfinder mechanics and 450 pages of system-neutral campaign setting)

There are also other add-ons for bonus swag items, our awesome plastic pawns, and so on. Your best options for pledging are:


If you only want the Alien Bestiary: Space Cadet ($25) for PDF, Space Ranger ($50) for print+PDF [the “Companion” pledges with the same names are if you want the smaller Pathfinder book instead]

If you want two books: Alien Assault ($40 PDF, $90 print+pdf)

If you want three books: Alien Invasion ($60 PDF, $130 print+pdf)

If you want four books: Alien Onslaught ($80 PDF, $170 print/pdf)


If you order multiple books, there aren’t separate pledges for every combination. You just tell us which books you want and for which system (5E, Pathfinder, or Starfinder) in our backer survey at the end. You can combine them in any way you like.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we implore each of you to make one final post or push on your social media to let folks know about this terrific project. We are so thankful for all of your support and know we are looking forward to a fantastic finish!

Oh, and about going APE? I just love getting new artwork in…