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ANOTHER new world and amazing new aliens!

We are delighted to unveil the fourth new planet of awesome adventure in our Legendary Worlds series with the release of Legendary Worlds: CarsisShattered by a cosmic cataclysm, the sundered shards of this broken world grind and shift while gossamer-winged hunters soar the grinding gulfs between. The remnants of ancient societies cling to these floating continents, while verdant jungles teeming with scavenging swarms run riot in the ever-burning light of the newborn heart of Carsis! You can grab this terrific new supplement right now for Pathfinder (and soon for Starfinder and 5E) at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, and DrivethruRPG!

Your universe of adventure just keeps growing with the Legendary Worlds line, from the fiery forge-world of Volretz with its seething slag seas to the polluted and war-torn water-world of Melefoni where stranded space colonists battle aquatic races in a desperate struggle for survival to the dusty, windswept badlands of Calcarata where drug-runners and dream-devouring psychic predators prowl the canyons. You can get these terrific planets of adventure for Pathfinder, Starfinder, and 5th Edition, and you can keep your eyes peeled for even more fantastic worlds coming soon like the snow-swept ice-world of Polaris VII, the howling planet of the apes known as Jowchit, and bleak Terminus, a prison planet pit of despair at the end of the galaxy, and so many more!

Of course, we are still rolling through the second half of the amazing Alien Bestiary Kickstarter for Starfinder, Pathfinder, and 5E, as we are almost 2.5 times our original funding goal, having crashed through stretch goal after stretch goal with many more to come! We’ve recently unleashed our third backer poll where YOU get to decide which monsters go into the final book! So far, the early leader among our Planetary Plants is the pod-person spawning bodythief, with the sinister mindslaver mold, titanic zygomind, creeping cerebric fungus, and savage shambling mound rounding out the Final Five, but the mysterious moonflower and rapacious giant flytrap are right behind!

The next stretch goal at $24,000 unlocks a second set of fantastic clear plastic pawns, this set focused primarily on the humanoids and alien races of the Alien Codex, the killer companion book of ready-to-play NPCs from every level and filling dozens of roles in a sci-fi campaign, along with variant creatures, iconic heroes with rich backstories at multiple levels, and more! Following that, we add even more amazing monsters with the Universal Undead monster goal, and then we take a deep dive into the Aethera Campaign Setting with tons of great new races and iconic aliens from that setting for the Alien Codex, as well as unlocking the incredible Aethera Field Guide at $30,000!

Check us out talking with the folks from Cosmic Crit about Starfinder, space monsters, and the Alien Bestiary!

The Aliens have landed – GET THEM BEFORE THEY GET YOU!