Daily Archives: April 14, 2017

The Forest is Growing… to Greece!

Our amazing Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium project is steadily striding towards 5 times its funding goal at $20,000 and beyond, bringing with it new occult options fit for the forest, with legendary spirits, fey mesmerists, and more! Plus bonus goals just a few backers away, and new surprises from superfan GM Solspiral ahead as well! You can check out the latest Kickstarter update here; meanwhile, keep spreading the word to get even more 5E fans and Pathfinder players #IntoTheForest, and let’s see how high these trees can grow in the final 10 days! 


Of course, Legendary doesn’t stand still for just one project, no matter how big, and we’ll have big announcements by the end of the weekend about Legendary Planet, but we also have something to share right now! This book will be available everywhere next week on MYTHIC MONDAY, but we know that fans of the Legendary Games webstore are also steeped in the classics, so we’re giving you an exclusive early opportunity to pick up the brand-new Mythic Monsters: Greek right now! From fantastic fey like dryads, fauns, and oceanids to menacing mythic monstrosities like the mythic chimera, gorgon, scylla, and charybdis, you’ll find a truly awesome assortment of allies and adversaries, plus new magic items inspired by Jason and the Argonauts like the golden fleece and yoke of the brazen bull! You can get this new book exclusively right here at the Legendary Games webstore!