Daily Archives: February 1, 2017

Legendary Math: 337 + 1487 = 60 BOOKS, 30 BUCKS

Legendary Games is pleased to present a mind-meltingly incredible sale of truly LEGENDARY PROPORTIONS!!!

1,487 PAGES of products from across our Legendary line-up of Pathfinder products, from beginner adventures to apocalyptic mythic monsters and magic, from the tombs of the pharaohs through gothic horror, pirate voyages, demonic invasions, and the savage frontier, and more, with a total retail price of over $337 – NOT ANYMORE!

For the month, these are all yours for just $30 for 60 spectacular PDFs

90% off – 50 cents per PDF – just 2 pennies a page

60 BOOKS – 30 BUCKS 

You can get this magnificent bundle right here at the Legendary Games webstorebut we’re not selfish – you can get it at the Open Gaming Store and DrivethruRPG too, and next month we’ll be making it available at Paizo.com!