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It’s a Magical Machine Monday, with Intrigue Too!

We are excited to bring you a magnificent blending of magic and machine with Magitech Archetypes! Whether you’re infusing a little mad science into a classic fantasy campaign or setting out on a star-spanning sci-fi saga, you’ll find incredible options including archetypes, feats, and a brand-new kineticist element for your characters in this 32-page supplement by Jason Nelson, N. Jolly, Loren Sieg, Jeff Lee, and Clinton J. Boomer! You can pick up Magitech Archetypes right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon

This book is a terrific accessory if you’re already playing in the Metal Gods Adventure Path or in the Legendary Planet Adventure Path, but if you want to combine sci-fi elements with urban intrigue in a future-punk noir kind of setting, you also might want to pick up last Friday’s brand-new Intrigue Archetypesas there is terrific synergy between these two products as well!

Our Legendary Planet subscribers will soon have something to celebrate this week, and we are hard at work to get Asian Archetypes: Magical out to you ASAP, but we also wanted to announce the next urban intrigue adventure coming your way from the talents of terrific Tom Phillips! 

Heroism Turned to Hate

As the PCs make their way through rugged territory claimed by warlike barbarian clans, they discover a frontier garrison surrounded by a corpse-strewn battlefield. Upon further investigation, the PCs find that the entire garrison has been slaughtered to a man and the fort has been turned into a charnel house. Furthermore, the bodies of the barbarian besiegers and those of the slain Corovossan solders all bear ghastly chest-wounds and have had their hearts cut out and removed. Who or what caused these terrible mutilations? And why is the silent, lifeless garrison’s main gate barred from within? What terrors may arise when the fires of courage turn to hate and the battlements run red with Hero’s Blood?


Hero’s Blood is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 4‒6 10th-level characters. It can be run as a standalone wilderness adventure or tied into an ongoing campaign dealing with warfare or clashes between a corrupt colonial city and the tribes of the hinterlands and is an ideal complement to the official “Red Queen Adventure Path,” easily connecting to the fourth adventure in that series. This adventure deals with the theme of corruption of the mind, body, and soul, using the corruption rules presented in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Horror Adventures, to bring an extra element of terror to PCs as they uncover acts of carnage and cruelty that are even more sinister than they appear. If you want to bring home the horrors of war to your PCs, open up the ?? pages of this terrible tale stained crimson with blood and Make Your Game Legendary! 

You can also look forward to the Treasury of the City by Loren Sieg, Victoria Joyner, and Jason Nelson coming your way soon, as well as the one-on-one adventure Orphans of the Hanged Man by Michael Allen and Matt Goodall!

Oh, and let me leave you one last thing. A few numbers for you. 30. 60. 337. 1487. They will be important very soon.