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A trio of treasuries for your 5E game and MORE!

We are delighted to bring you our latest collection of marvelous magic items for 5th Edition, the Treasury of the Kingdom! Focused particularly on campaigns where your heroes are exploring the wilderness, from barbarian hill tribes to fantastical fairy forests, striking out and blazing a trail or clearing the land to build a kingdom of their own. With over 40 new magic items for 5E, you can grab this terrific PDF for just $3.99 at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG


Treasury of the Kingdom-1

If you like these treasures, we also encourage you to check out the horror-themed Treasury of the Macabre and the Egyptian-inspired items in the Treasury of the Pharaohsand also keep your eyes peeled for upcoming magic item supplements like the pirate loot in Treasury of the Fleet and an array of holy relics and demon-tainted items in the Treasury of the Crusade! 

Finally, if you missed out on the Trail of the Apprentice Kickstarter, creating an all-ages introductory adventure series for 5E, you can still hop on board for the next few weeks with a post-campaign pledge. Our stretch goals are complete, but you’ll still be able to get on board at the discounted Kickstarter pledge prices. Just shoot us an email at makeyourgamelegendary@gmail.com and you can make a pledge directly through Paypal. We’ll take your information and hook you up with all the great rewards – not just 5 fantastic adventures, but bonus material too!


On MYTHIC MONDAY, we move from Occult to Intrigue!

Today we bring you the final installment in the Mythic Minis devoted to the occult, with Mythic Minis 86: Feats of Psychic MagicThis array of awesome extras for your psychic spellcasters can be had right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

86 Cover

We’ve also completed another of our Occult product lines with the release on Friday of Occult Character Codex: Kineticiststhe final chapter in those invaluable toolboxes for dropping ready-made psychic characters into your campaign! You can pick up this psychic supplement at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG


We are not done with the Occult by a long shot, as we have a new kineticists supplement coming from Legendary newcomer Brian Jolly and another book of occult-inspired archetypes by Julian Neale, but for our Mythic Minis line we are turning our attention next week to the arts of Intrigue! We are pleased to present for you a run-down of the first five products you’ll be seeing throughout the month of May on MYTHIC MONDAYS!

Mythic Minis 87: Feats of Diplomacy

Mythic Minis 88: Feats of Misdirection

Mythic Minis 89: Clever Combat Feats

Mythic Minis 90: Intrigue Magic Feats 

Mythic Minis 91: Feats of Cunning

It’s more than Mythic Minis, of course, as we’ll be proud to present many more Intrigue products starting in May and into the summer beyond, including:

Mythic Magic: Intrigue Spells, with mythic versions of every new spell introduced in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Intrigue.

Imperial Intrigue, with intrigue-focused archetypes aplenty on an Asian theme, from the silversword samurai to the skydancer and imperial guardian.