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Egyptian Adventures Aplenty – Shrine of Serpents available NOW!

Just as our final product of 2015 was an Egyptian adventure, with the dazzling debut of Beneath the Festered Sun, so too the very first product of 2016 is our next Egyptian adventure: Behold, the Shrine of Serpents! This 9th-level adventure by Alex Riggs is a delightful delve into the depraved decadence of a sinister sect of snake-worshipers, and at just $4.99 it won’t cost you an arm and a leg… or even your soul! Pick up Shrine of Serpents today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG! You can also join our Patreon to help support the Egyptian-themed AP Plug-Ins and get your hands on these products before anyone else!


But wait, there’s more!

Later this month, we will also be debuting the next Egyptian adventure, The Lost Library of Thoth, a 7th-level adventure by Alex Riggs into the ancient and esoteric library of forgotten and forbidden lore! This adventure should be heading to layout next week and ready for purchase by the end of January.

thoth statue_Phill Simpson

We also have a number of supplements en route, including Legendary Curses featuring Jen Page and Jason Nelson, Lost Tombs featuring Jonathan H. Keith, and Past Lives from mighty Michael Kortes! A treasure trove of Egyptian awesomeness awaits.  Just beyond that next turn the ancient sarcophagus awaits. Who knows what lies within?

Sarcophagus 3