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Another New Egyptian Adventure Arrives!

We are delighted to announce the debut of our latest Adventure Path Plug-In for the Egyptian AP, The Lost Library of ThothThis 7th-level Pathfinder adventure brings your heroes face to face with the devious traps and forgotten lore of an ancient shrine to the god of knowledge, including an appendix of brand-new magic spells for your heroes to uncover if they can overcome the clever challenges that await them! Pick up this 20-page adventure today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoor DrivethruRPG, and if you want to get early access to future releases for the Egyptian AP consider becoming supporting our Patreon!



Peril in the Pyramids – TIMES TWO!

The pyramids of Egypt are known around the world, but the pyramids of Central America are equally impressive, and Legendary Games is going to be visiting both places very soon! First off, coming this week from the land of ancient Egypt, a brand-new adventure from Alex Riggs and Jason Nelson, including an appendix of fantastic new spells of the ancients. Check out The Lost Library of Thoth!


While some raiders of the ruins of ancient lands lust for gold and glory, the wise seek knowledge and the lore of the fallen empires. Somewhere below the desert sands lies a treasure trove of forgotten secrets and magical mysteries under the wings of the Scribe of the Heavens, Thoth. The cult of this archaic patron of knowledge is long dead, but fragments and clues lead you to a hidden shrine that once bore his name. Will you find legendary wisdom and mystic rewards untold, or will the tests of mind and body within reveal only secrets man was not meant to know?

The Lost Library of Thoth is a 7th-level adventure for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game that can be played on its own or as a complement to the second or third volume (#80-81) of the Egyptian Adventure Path from Paizo, Inc. The Legendary Games tradition is to combine rich story and background, innovative layout, beautiful aesthetics, and excellence in design that is second to none. This product is the latest in that tradition, and we hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed making it. Game on! 

But wait, there’s more! Coming next week is the latest installment of our new Mythic Monsters books focusing on real-world myths and legends, Mythic Monsters: Mesoamerica! - Mythic Monsters - Mesoamerica (cover art)

This marvelous mythic bestiary brings you an awesome array of monsters drawn from the myths and legends of Central and South America, plus a few from the Caribbean, courtesy of Mike D. Welham and Jason Nelson. In addition, we present the mortal servants of the wise and benevolent couatl, the plumed servant prestige class, designed for standard Pathfinder campaigns plus mythic versions of all of its class abilities! What monsters can you expect in this one? Check it out!

CR 1/MR 1      Mythic xtabay

CR 4/MR 1      Mythic chupacabra

CR 5/MR 2      Mythic amphiptere

CR 5/MR 2      Mythic zuvembie

CR 6/MR 2      Mythic saguaroi

CR 7/MR 3      Mythic ahuizotl

CR 11/MR 4    Mythic giant mantis shrimp

CR 12/MR 5    Mythic peuchen

CR 16/MR 6    Mythic cherufe

CR 21/MR 8    Mythic lusca

CR 21/MR 8    Mythic tunche

CR 23/MR 9    Mythic tzitzimitl

Last but not least, this book will introduce the dreaded flayer of skins, the all-new xipe totec! No matter where your campaign roams, from east to west, across deserts or oceans or jungles, drawing inspiration from the oldest myths and legends of every culture, more mythic monsters are coming your way! 


The Triumphant Return of MYTHIC MONDAY – Adventure Path Style!

For 80 weeks we supplied a steady diet of Mythic Minis, bringing you bits and pieces of mythic fun from feats to magic items to new rules and more, but our Mondays have been a bit less mythic since last summer… until NOW!

Rune Lords 1 cover

We are pleased to present to you our brand-new series of Mythic Module Monsters, short collections of monsters drawn from your favorite official Adventure Paths for Pathfinder. Want to spice up an old AP or bring an added dimension to a new one? Grab mythic versions of EVERY new monster presented in the bestiaries of that AP, all in one place. Each installment covers one issue of the AP, and what else would we start with but the very first AP, featuring those nasty Rune Lords! A new issue will be coming every week or two, after which we’ll start working on a new AP!

You can pick up these Mythic Module Monsters one issue at a time, starting with Rune Lords 1 right here at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoor DrivethruRPGBetter still, you can subscribe to all six issues of Mythic Module Monsters for your favorite APs and save 10% off with the Rune Lords Subscriptionavailable exclusively right here at the Legendary Games webstore!


The Demons of Destruction Have Arrived!

After plotting their evil return for 33 issues since the original Mythic Monsters: Demons (currently just $2 as our TWO$DAY product of the week!), the demons are back with a vengeance in Mythic Monsters 35: Demons Too! From classic old-school demons like the dretch and cambion to fiendish footsoldiers like the brimorak and schir and on up to the mightiest demons that are equal parts deadly and depraved like the gallu, seraptis, kithangian, and shemhazian demons, you’ll find a gaggle of grotesqueries to torment your poor PCs. Grab Mythic Monsters 35: Demons Too today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon! 

(And speaking of destruction, those dastardly demons damaged some of our books, so now you can pick them up for half price in our Non-Mint Products section!)

Mythic Monsters - Demons Too Cover

Oh, and by the way, next Monday is about to get much more mythic…

Rune Lords 1 cover

It is coming…


Legendary Scratch and Dent Deals!

One thing about the publishing business is you ship a LOT of books, and sometimes books don’t always get handled with care somewhere along the line. Gremlins attack, machines mangle, and shipping golems aren’t always as careful as we’d like. All of that means we end up with a few books that have a bashed-in corner, scratches on the cover or spine, or other cosmetic defects. Now you can pick those up in our Non-Mint Products page: all the same great content, at HALF THE PRICE! You can even add the PDF version to your non-mint hardcover for just $10 more!

If you don’t mind that your book is not quite pristine, grab a great deal on the Gothic Campaign Compendium, Mythic Hero’s Handbook, Mythic Monster Manual, and Mythic Spell Compendium!  These deals are limited to stock on hand, though we may add to the scratch and dent bin if we uncover any additional damaged books or returns!

P.S. I blame this guy for all damages. He just doesn’t like books. Jerk. 🙂 - Mythic Monsters - Mesoamerica (cover art)


The Abyss is overflowing with Demons Too!

Our very first Mythic Monsters product, released shortly after the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Mythic Adventures rulebook itself had debuted, was the legendary Mythic Monsters: Demons! The only complaint we ever had about that book (which you can pick up this week for just 2 bucks as our TWO$DAY product of the week!) was that it just didn’t have enough demons in it. The time to rectify that situation is now! Behold, Mythic Monsters 35: Demons Too, comings this Friday!

Mythic Monsters - Demons Too Cover

Our initial release covered almost all of the classic demons, but there are oh so many more within. Now, thanks to the combined talents of Jason Nelson, Alistair J. Rigg, Steven T. Helt, Todd Stewart, Jim Groves, and Nic Logue, we are proud to present the 35th installment in our magnificent Mythic Monsters series debuting this Friday in wide release. What lies within? BEWARE!

Mythic Monsters: Demons Too brings you an awesome array of abyssal adversaries ready to bring pain, torment, destruction, and woe upon the world and your heroes. These dastardly demons range from CR 3 to 23, including some of the lowliest of demonkind, the disgusting dretch and the half-breed cambion, as well as the savage footsoldiers of the Abyssal armies, the spiteful schir with their hewing halberds and the goat-horned brimoraks with their fiery hooves and burning blades. Truly hideous horrors lurk in the foul places of the Abyss, from the filthy and pestilential gibrileth to the foul and bestial kithangian, or even the lowly and loathsome abrikandilu who seek nothing but the wrecking of all things beauteous and fair. The seductively sinister coloxus conceals its insidiously insectile nature beneath a cloak of possession, while the deadly derakni revels in the company of the vilest vermin of the nether pits. The mightiest fiends are agents of death as often for their own kind as for others, as the prowling shemhazian preys upon all things weaker than itself while the subtle seraptis cultivates despair like a crop of death, leaving suicide and hopelessness in its wake, as does the warmongering gallu, lord of bloody battle. As if a dozen existing monsters were not enough, the brand-new skrekalga brings the spirit of absolute obsession and corruption to all it encounters. Add to that a delightfully disturbing piece of demonic fiction by Todd Stewart and you’ll be ready to unleash truly exquisite evil upon your heroes.




A Mesmerizing New Supplement from Legendary!

Today we are pleased to bring you the fourth installment in our series of products for the Occult rules for Pathfinder: Occult Character Codex: Mesmerists!  This comprehensive compilation brings you advice on using mesmerists in your game, as well as 20 fully detailed mesmerists ready to use in your campaign, from 1st to 20th level! Pick up your copy today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGor Amazon! 




Winter’s not coming… It’s Here!

Legendary Games is delighted to introduce is coolest new product line, the Winter Plug-Ins, and this fabulous collection is spearheaded by the wonderful Winter Heroes: Pregenerated Characters by Liz Courts! She has taken up the fine tradition started by Neil Spicer in his six previous Heroes books, bringing you a variety of highly detailed characters combining awesome stories with spectacular mechanics. Pick up this 34-page product now the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand soon on Amazon as well!

Winter Heroes (medium cover)


A glorious day for rogues, and stealing a look at Winter Heroes!

Today brings the latest preview of our fantastic upcoming Winter Heroes character collection, but we’d be remiss if we did not thank Endzeitgeist for his rave review for Matt Goodall and Jason Nelson’s Legendary Rogues!

Legendary Rogues Cover

You can read Endzeitgeist’s full review here on his site, but here are his conclusions:

Matt Goodall and Jason Nelson’s Legendary Rogue, at first glance, looked like it was too good to be true; and since most books like this are just that, I went on to test the living hell out of this book. Okay, let me make this abundantly clear: No matter the power-level of your campaign, no matter how much you may like the Unchained Rogue, the Glory Rogue or the like – YOU NEED THIS. I didn’t realize how much I needed this book until I actually read it. Beyond taking care and fixing several trap options and retaining their feasibility over the levels, beyond a power-upgrade that was sorely required, the legendary rogue as presented herein is still as rogue-y as it can be – and so much more!

Let me state this loudly and clearly: The Legendary Rogue is the class the Unchained Rogue should imho have been. It is now my default rogue class, particularly since it cleaned up those annoying trap options, ability discrepancies etc. – this is a labor of love, where, with a fine-toothed comb and deliberate care, mechanics were streamlined to actually play better with PFRPG’s official other classes. Oh, and if you dislike any component of this book, its supreme versatility does allow you to cherry-pick your preferred option to customize the respective tricks. Now, and this is where the book goes the extra, second extra mile, it also does something only very few crunch books do: It explains its design-rationales in easy to grasp ways for the respective GMs and players perusing this book – so if a particular issue addressed is not one for you, you’ll have the pros and cons weighed and listed so you can decide for yourself. Modularity-wise, this is up there with Spheres of Power or the Martial Arts Guidebook in the ways in which its respective options can be used or discarded – and it may even surpass them.

This book, in short, provides the player-driven, versatile rogue I’ve always been wanting since the inception of 3.0, the class I always longed for, but never got. Legendary Rogue is, without any hyperbole, a truly astonishing, downright brilliant piece of work and will be the standard by which I henceforth measure class-fix-style pdfs. It is simply ridiculously good and a shining example of what a crunch can do; it thus receives 5 stars + seal of approval, nomination for my Top Ten of 2015 and the EZG Essential tag – if it also covered trap-rules and a fix for the Stealth-skill, it would completely replace my previously favorite rogue fix, Rogue Glory, completely; as it stands, Legendary Rogues is a true must-own book for anyone who likes playing rogues and felt that the class fell flat of what it should be able to do, for everyone who wants more customization, options, flair – this is for you and worth every cent of its asking price a hundredfold.

You can pick up Legendary Rogues right here on the Legendary Games webstore or wherever fine Pathfinder products are sold!

Meanwhile, on to the preview for Winter Heroes, our seventh set of 8 ready-to-play pregenerated 1st level characters created specifically to shine in a Witches of Winter Adventure Path but ideal for any campaign venturing into the marvelous mash-up of the fantastical and the futuristic! Ideal for use as allies, cohorts, long-running NPCs, or replacement player characters, Liz Courts brings you amazingly detailed and lushly developed characters including:

  • Brynla, half-orc druid of the green faith
  • Maja Tasker, halfling investigator sleuth
  • Pero, human summoner and his otherworldly protector, Drahu
  • Roelof, dwarf witch guardian of the ley lines
  • Stojan, snowborn elf two-handed fighter
  • Zakhar, snowborn elf oracle
  • Zuza Holt, human herald of the horn skald
  • and last but not least, the shadow-sneak Senka Featherfingers, fetchling rogue!

Built according to organized play specifications, using the 20-point-buy method and with scaling notes for 15-point builds, these characters are not just piles of statistics. Each one is as much about story as combat, with robust links built in to each other as well as the official Witches of Winter Adventure Path, though every one easily stands on its own in any setting where savage barbarians battle technological terrors. The crunch for every character more than measures up to its incredible flavor text, though, and when it’s time to throw down in combat none of these Winter Heroes will be stepping to the sidelines.

Pedro -3


Winter is Coming on an Occult Path!

This week is slated for a pair of new releases from Legendary Games! First comes the latest installment in our line of character compendiums for the new occult rules! Occult Character Codex: Mesmerists contains 20 detailed mesmerist stat blocks, including both ordinary mesmerists using their hypnotic stare to cloud and delude the minds of those that oppose them, alongside the spirit walkers that master the séance and conniving cult masters spinning their webs of intrigue.

Front Cover - Vua Kize_SteveWood

You’ll find mesmerist humans, gnomes, half-orcs, and elves, but also stranger races like kitsune, nagaji, changelings, and doppelgangers, running the gamut from good to evil and all points in between. With the Occult Character Codex, you’ll have an entire arsenal of mesmerist characters waiting and ready to blow your players’ minds! In honor of this new release, we’ve also made the first product in this line, Occult Character Codex: Psychics, our TWO$DAY product of the week – just 2 bucks right here at the LG webstore! 

But wait, there’s MORE! This week also brings the debut of the first product in our line of Winter AP Plug-Ins with the authorial debut of Liz Courts and the artistic stylings of Bob Greyvenstein. Check out the group photo featuring the entire team of Winter Heroes! We’ll be posting a full run-down of the characters contained within tomorrow, but meanwhile stay warm out there, it’s going to be a COLD Winter!

Winter Heroes group shot