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It’s that time of year for retailers to offer you amazing deals they wouldn’t dare offer anywhere else, and when the wind bloweth, let not it be said that Legendary Games does not bend with it! Big savings at the Legendary Games webstore!


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Gothic Compilation cover

Of course, we’re not hogging all the savings here on our site!

Open Gaming Store (  You can also pick up a wide range of our products for 40% off at the Open Gaming Store, including an array of bundles for Mythic Monsters, Heroes, Islands of Plunder pirate adventures, and more!

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Any way you slice it, the time to save is NOW! These deals will run through the end of November, but when Cyber Monday is gone, they’re gone too! GO SAVE SOME MONEY!

Black Friday


COMING SOON from Legendary Games!

Thanksgiving week is a great time to look back at a marvelous year, but we’re not quite to the end of it and there’s still a bit of time to finish off some long-simmering projects too! Three projects that have been on my personal to-do list for far too long are actually all on my desk now getting worked on!

Royal Tournaments – This supplement for royal events, from classics like archery and jousting to more exotic and magical contests like the Tower of Jewels and the Pillars of Life and Death, as well as non-contest events you can use to build your reputation and renown. Got some work done on this in October and it’s still coming along, incorporating more of the subsystems from Ultimate Campaign for better integration.

Fort Scurvy – This high-level pirate adventure involves invading the fearsome fortress of a terrible pirate king with a hand of gold and a heart of coal! The maps should be going out soon for this adventure as I continue revising the text to incorporate more rules involving the troop template and continue massaging the stat blocks, and this book has gotten several new pieces of artwork, including the aforementioned Pirate King! GoldenPirateWIP6-1

Ultimate Armies – Did I mention the troop template? That will be one of many things featured in this simmering sequel to Ultimate Battle and Ultimate War, along with mercenaries and more. This is being worked on in tandem with Fort Scurvy as many pieces of the rules cross over. It will also include a large section of premade unit stat blocks, including those for iconic battles in the long-running Adventure Path series from Paizo, Inc.!

I’ll be having a long plane trip during the Thanksgiving holiday and should get a fair amount done on these books, and my hope is to get all three out by the end of the year if I can. Of course, those long-awaited titles are not the only things awaiting!

Tomorrow I’ll be announcing more of our upcoming products that should be ready next month. Suffice to say, this year will be going out with a ROARRRRRRRR!!!!!!



They come from the land of the ice and snow!

Welcome to a brand-new direction for the Mythic Monsters product line, one that focuses on the myths and legends of our world and the Pathfinder monsters inspired by them!  While we will still be featuring specific creature types from time to time, like with the upcoming Mythic Monsters: Demons Too, we’ll be spending much more of our efforts in broadening the cultural horizons of your favorite foes, bringing those legends to life in a whole new way, and the first installment is now here and available at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon! - Mythic Monsters Norse Cover

With thanks to new artist Andrea Saavedra for her fantastic rendition of a valorous valkyrie facing off with a lethal linnorm, we are pleased to bring you an assortment of monsters native to Nordic lands by Mike D. Welham, Jason Nelson, and Alistair J. Rigg, from fey like the fossegrim, huldra, svartalfar, and norn to Valhallan outsiders like the valkyrie and einherji. Of course, we also fill out the ranks of the mythic linnorms, but if those primeval dragons were just not tough enough we also unleash the terrifying Fenris wolf, a worthy companion at CR 30/MR 10 to his brother, Jormungandr the Midgard Serpent (in Mythic Monsters: Colossal).

MLewis - GargantuanFenris

The bonus material in this issue brings you even more Scandinavian delights, including special rules for mythic linnorms and three new mythic templates to give your creatures a fantastic and fearsome feel of the Norse legendarium: the Jotun thane, runecaster, and tricksome traveler! Our newsletter subscribers are getting a bonus preview of this book (and you can subscribe too; just click over on the side of our webpage), but for everyone we’re happy to share the table of contents. Grab your copy of Mythic Monsters: Norse today!

CR 5/MR 2      Mythic fossegrim

CR 5/MR 2      Mythic huldra

CR 10/MR 4    Mythic svartalfar

CR 12/MR 5    Mythic einherji

CR 15/MR 6    Mythic valkyrie

CR 17/MR 7    Mythic crag linnorm

CR 20/MR 8    Mythic fjord linnorm

CR 21/MR 8    Mythic ice linnorm

CR 22/MR 9    Mythic cairn linnorm

CR 22/MR 9    Mythic norn

CR 23/MR 9    Mythic taiga linnorm

CR 25/MR 10   Mythic tarn linnorm

CR 30/MR 10   Fenris wolf


Three times the LEGENDARY this Friday!

In a busy couple of weeks, this is a day we will long remember at Legendary Games! Not one, not two, but THREE new Legendary products are available for you today, each more Legendary than the last! First off, we have the latest installment in our villain-focused series, Legendary Villains: Evil Clerics, featuring the Legendary debut of Jenny Jarzabski with 40 pages jam-packed with fiendish fanatics and black-hearted bishops. If you’d love some sinister new feats, spells, archetypes, prestige classes, and more for your corrupted priesthood, to say nothing of a pair of awesome blasphemous books, pick this up today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, or DrivethruRPG!


Mmmm… that cover art by Bruno Balixa is making me hungry… for MORE LEGENDARY! This summer’s big project was the Legendary Planet Adventure Path, and while our backers have long since received their first adventure and player’s guide, everyone else had to wait. Until now. The second adventure in the saga, the titanic 96-page To Worlds Unknown by Jim Groves with Thurston Hillman, Chris A. Jackson, Jonathan H. Keith, Jeff Lee, and Sean K Reynolds has gone out to our Pathfinder backers and the 5th Edition version will be soon to follow, which means that The Assimilation Strain and the Legendary Planet Player’s Guide for Pathfinder are now available in wide release!

That’s right, now everyone can pick up this 42-page planetary prelude, complete with a 12-page PDF art and map folio (including unkeyed player-friendly maps), right here at the Legendary Games webstore and at the Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPGand Amazon

Assimilation Cover (lighter)

But wait, good things come in threes! When you’re ready to run your Legendary Planet campaign, you’re definitely going to want a copy of the Legendary Planet Player’s Guide, complete with 4 new playable races, details and advice on religion, society, race, and character class out among the stars, plus a dozen campaign traits that plug your characters into the action and the overarching themes of the campaign without giving too much away. You can pick up this 19-page PDF at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG! - Legendary Planet Player's Guide cover (small)

Grab one, or two, or ALL THREE, and Make Your Weekend Legendary! 



Take the 5th times two with monsters and adventures for 5E!

Last week saw the debut of Beasts of Legend: Coldwood Codex (5E), a marvelous monster supplement for the 5th Edition of the world’s most famous RPG, featuring fearsome fey and unholy undead from Challenge 2 to 18! You can pick it up right here at the Legendary Games webstore or wherever fine 5E products are found! - Coldwood Codex (cover)

This week, you can take the 5th again, with a brand-new 5E adventure for 6th-level characters: - The Baleful Coven (5e cover)

The Baleful Coven is an adventure for 6th or 7th-level characters that brings deadly danger to your heroes as they learn that their crusading heroics sometimes come with a price. Whenever adventurers toast their success after a hard-fought victory, their boots are soiled with the spilled blood of the conquered. Sometimes heroes forget that their enemies had friends and allies of their own, and families, and mothers. You may call them evil, but there is a love stronger than death, and a thirst for vengeance like no other in the heart of a mother weeping over her monstrous brood. What you called heroism, they call horror; what you called valor, they call murder. And they are coming for you, a mother witch and her deadly sisters, drawn from the far corners of the world to bring to life a nightmare world that will swallow your heroes and make them pay. Your characters thought the adventure was over, but the wrath of The Baleful Coven is just beginning.

You can pick up this adventure right here at the Legendary Games webstore and from our partners at the Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG! 


Fabulous fey foes and undead for 5th Edition – NOW AVAILABLE!

We are pleased to announce the release of Beasts of Legend: Coldwood Codex (5E), the first in our line of specialty monster books for the 5th Edition of the world’s most famous RPG! Complete with detailed ecology, lairs, and lore; full-page artwork; and folding paper pawns, these creatures ranging from the Challenge 2 bokereyder to the Challenge 18 chernobog will have your players cursing their fate and eager for more! Pick up this 42-page full-color bestiary at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo.comand DrivethruRPG! - Coldwood Codex (cover)

Future installments of the Beasts of Legend series will continue introducing richly detailed monsters  carefully tailored to specific campaign themes, like the wintry menaces in the Boreal Bestiary, the pitiless creations of the Construct Codex, and the wide-ranging Asian adversaries in Beasts of the East! These are terrific additions to our existing 5th Edition product line, including horror adventures like The Fiddler’s Lament and The Murmuring Fountain, the overland expedition Road to Destiny, and upcoming adventures like the witch-haunted The Baleful Coven, the desolate fey wilderness of Cold Mountain, and the pirate shenanigans of Spices and Flesh!

We hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed making it, and that you’ll keep coming back again and again to Make Your Game Legendary!




5E Monsters are Coming in from the Cold!

After a long time brewing, Legendary Games is just about ready to unveil Beasts of Legend: Coldwood Codex (5E), a beautiful bestiary of brand-new 5th Edition foes just perfect for those overland journeys and dangerous expeditions into the wild woodlands beyond civilization’s reach! This book features 10 fantastic foes, evenly divided between fey spirits bursting with the raw and wild energies of life and vile undead seething with the power of death. Drawing upon real-world folklore, classic fantasy tropes, and the design skills of the top creative minds in the business, the Coldwood Codex is an indispensable addition to any GM’s monster toolkit! This product includes not only full-page color player-friendly handout portraits but also foldable paper miniatures for every creature! Here’s what you’ll find within these pages!

Creatures by Challenge

2- Bokereyder

3- Totemoq

4- Wight, Boreal

7 – Naekk

5 – Ugrohter

11 – Wight, Barrow

13 – Amadan

14 – Slough

16 – Faleich-Wyrm

18 – Chernobog

If you happen to need an excellent adventure into the northern wilderness to use these magnificent monsters, this would be a great time to pick up Road to Destinya 2nd-level 5th Edition adventure that is our TWO$DAY product of the week, just 2 bucks at the Legendary Games webstore! We also have several other 5th Edition adventures nearing completion, including the awful revenge of a monstrous mother and her witch sisters in The Baleful Coven and a forlorn foray into the hollow hills where nature itself has gone wild in the harrowing Cold Mountain! 

Of course, we wouldn’t want to leave you without a preview of the Coldwood Codex! Every creature has an array of interesting abilities and dastardly tricks up their sleeves, and each also is infused with flavor and background details that cry out to be built around in a campaign. These creatures can have an impact on the campaign that extends beyond the reach of their sword arm, and we’ll preview one of them below.

barrowwight final


A Barrow Wight’s Lair

The bleak moods of a barrow wight influence the natural world around its barrow as well, allowing them to maintain a rather dismal demesne if they so choose. Cannier barrow wights, however, create pleasant conditions to lure the unwary into their domain, before a sudden change in the weather swathes their land in chill winds, clinging fogs, or driving rain. Lost and terrified victims seeking shelter may be taken captive, spirited away beneath the hills and cairns and turned into living dead bound to the wight’s will. Barrow wights sometimes release their captives after a dream-haunted slumber, imparting a bit of their deathless shadow into the target’s heart, soul, and mind and corrupting their thoughts and dreams from afar. These unfortunates become the barrow wight’s unwitting pawns in undermining its enemies in the waking world or just in sowing misery and despair. Perhaps cruelest of all are those the barrow wight turns loose after their capture, allowing them to hope for rescue or escape from their living nightmare if only they could find their way out of the wight’s necropolis, but the twisted enchantments laid on the wight’s barrow subtly steer disoriented victims right back into the dread creature’s clutches.


Lair Actions

The barrow wight may take a lair action to cause one of the following effects on Initiative count 20 (losing ties).

  • The barrow wight creates fog as though it had cast the fog cloud The fog lasts until the end of initiative count 20 on the next round.
  • The barrow wight animates the spirits of the former servants buried with it. The spirits attack one creature that the barrow wight can see within 60 feet. The target must make DC 17 Constitution save against the attack. On a failed save, the target takes 6d6 (21) necrotic damage and is weakened. Weakened targets make Strength and Dexterity checks and saving throws at disadvantage until the end of initiative count 20 on the next round. A successful save reduces the damage to half (10) and prevents the weakening.
  • The barrow wight knows the exact location of any creature within 6-miles of its barrow that is carrying an item stolen from the wight.

Regional Effects

The region around the barrow wight’s lair is subject to the emotional whims of the creature, creating the following effects:

  • The barrow wight can alter the weather within 6-miles of its barrow. This effect is identical to the control weather
  • The barrow wight can pierce the veil between the Material plane and the Ethereal within 6-miles of its barrow, causing visions of dead spirits to appear in the region. These spirits are typically mindless husks posing no physical threat to Material world, but a creature encountering one or more of these spirits makes saves against fear effects at disadvantage while in the region.

The barrow wight can alter the appearance of the terrain within a 6-mile radius centered on its barrow. This effect is identical to the hallucinatory terrain spell.