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THE WAIT IS OVER, let the savings BEGIN with a fourth announcement… and a 5TH!

In our last several posts, we’ve shown off some of our new products and we’ve talked up the sales being offered on our partner sites, but now it’s time to look out for #1, and nobody loves you with a LEGENDARY LOVE like we do. This is my first GenCon, and I want to kick things off with a BANG! I’ll be flying almost all day tomorrow, but as I’m on my way to Indy you’ll be on your way to savings with amazing deals that only Legendary could bring you.

50% OFF ALL PDFS with coupon code GENCONPDF


This sale starts tomorrow and runs not just for GenCon, but all the way until I get back home to Seattle on the 20th (I’ll be taking a brief detour post GenCon to visit my best friend (non-wife division) and one of my earliest gaming buddies)!

There are a few exceptions to the sale, and those are the following GENCON EXCLUSIVES!

You’ve already seen Islands of Plunder: Raid on the Emperor’s Hand, the latest in Matt Goodall’s epic series of pirate adventures that was released this morning. But you’ve only been teased with Dio Mahesa’s artwork on THIS new product, the long-awaited follow-up to Mythic Magic: Core Spellsand the first of several in this series getting ready to come down the pipe: Mythic Magic: Ultimate Spells I,featuring mythic versions of every spell from Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Combat!

makeyourgamelegendary.com - UltimateSpellsI

Those two books are available exclusively here at the Legendary Games webstore. But there are two more new products that we are releasing everywhere, and if you’ve been following Legendary Games they may look very familiar. Feast your eyes upon The Fiddler’s Lament:

Fiddler's Lament cover

And The Murmuring Fountain

Murmuring Fountain cover

These two products are the first in the LG5ED line, and if you can’t guess they are the same delightful adventure tales penned by Greg Vaughan, Clark Peterson, and Jason Nelson, but revised for use with the 5th Edition of the world’s most famous roleplaying game. There are no dungeons here and no dragons, but a delightful dash of horror, magic, and mystery that can set a marvelous tone for beginning adventurers out to make their names!  These two adventures are available on the Legendary Games webstore RIGHT NOW, and they’ll be available on the 14th at d20pfsrd, Paizo, and DrivethruRPG!

In addition to these adventures for 1st-level characters, we will also be bringing you 5th Edition versions of The Road to Destiny for 2nd-level characters and Cold Mountain for 4th level characters. If you’re looking for great adventures to use with your shiny new 5th Edition books or the Basic set, you should know that there is nobody better to help MAKE YOUR GAME LEGENDARY!


AVAST! It do be time for a RAID! And EVEN MORE SAVINGS!

Superstar author Matt Goodall has taken you to Tarin’s Crown, looking for a cargo of Spices and Flesh, and face to face with the Scourge of the Steaming Isle. The latest chapter in his epic Islands of Plunder series takes you on a Raid on the Emperor’s Hand!  When the price of the imperial fleet, its holds bursting with swag, runs aground, fortune favors the bold! Dare your pirates make a run at the well-guarded vessel and is cruel captain? Can you escape for it escorts arrive for the rescue?

This pirate adventure for 8th-level characters is available through GenCon exclusively at the Legendary Games webstore! Come and get your copy TODAY!

Raid on the Emperor's Hand (cover)

But maybe you want your own holds to be bursting with swag. LEGENDARY SWAG! We’ve been announcing sales all over the place, with amazing bundles on adventures, mythic monsters, Gothic Campaign Compendium, and Gothic grimoires at shop.d20pfsrd and taking a third off of everything at DrivethruRPG during GenCon!  Well, you wouldn’t want you to think we’ve left out our friends at Paizo.com out of the loop, would you? Starting on Thursday, we will be offering:

– all of our PDFs at 50% off on Paizo.com (except one)

– all of our print books at 10% off

– all of our print/PDF bundles (plus the Gothic Campaign Compendium PDF) at 20% off

This sale will be running on Paizo.com starting Thursday and running through next Wednesday, August 20, for a FULL WEEK OF SAVINGS!


P.S. Just wait until we announce the sale we’re running right here on the Legendary Games webstore later tonight.