Daily Archives: June 9, 2014

It’s MYTHIC MONDAY again, now with 100% more IRON ATLAS!

After a brief pause in the wake of our MYTHIC MANIA Kickstarter, we are pleased to kick our Mythic Mondays back into gear, bringing you Mythic Martial Arts II, featuring mythic versions of six fighting feats from the Boar Style and Crane Style martial arts feat chains! Now available for download on d20pfsrd, Paizo, and DrivethruRPG (though it’s mislabeled on DrivethruRPG as Mythic Martial Arts I) and as always just a buck!


In addition, I’d like to announce that Legendary Games is a proud partner of the new IRON ATLAS Kickstarter project. I’ve met with Eric and Roger and we’ve talked about their product concept for this program as a system-agnostic VTT, and I really like the quality of what they are offering. It’s the sort of thing that would be great for gamers who have to telecommute, of course, but also feels like a very user-friendly product for playing your home game with simple tablet controls that sync with your TV. If you haven’t checked out their Kickstarter page, please do. These are quality people who are developing a quality product, and it’s one that Legendary Games is proud to team up with a host of other companies in providing content for their system. I was impressed and I think you will be too.




Lifeform Entertainment has launched a Kickstarter Campaign for new a mobile app called IRON ATLAS. It’s a “Digital Miniatures System” designed for the iPad to serve as an alternative to physical maps and miniatures for roleplaying games. Legendary Games will be one of the publishers with maps and miniatures artwork available in the IRON ATLAS in-app store.


“Legendary Games has become one of the top names that gamers list when they talk about their favorite adventures and books,” says Lifeform Entertainment’s Lead Designer, Eric Cagle. “We’re extremely pleased and honored to have them as one of the publishers providing content for the IRON ATLAS in-app store. This is just one more way that you’ll be able to get their gorgeous content.”


IRON ATLAS takes many of the elements seen in traditional, PC-based Virtual Tabletop systems (VTTs) and optimizes them for use on mobile devices. The app’s streamlined UI keeps it simple, elegant, and focused on the basics for combat, plus providing tons of content for you to pick and choose for YOUR game.


With IRON ATLAS, you’ll be able to rapidly build encounters with simple drag-and-drop gestures, put those encounters on maps taken directly from the books and adventures for your favorite publishers, and play just like you would using physical maps and minis.


Check out the IRON ATLAS Kickstarter campaign HERE! Back it and share with your network today!