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From Mythic to Mysteries… of the fey!

Legendary Games has been creating a steady stream of products for use with mythic rules, but we are well aware of the fact that not everybody uses those rules. While there are ways a canny GM can infuse mythic rules into her campaign without really changing things, especially for monsters or spells that special bad guys might use, many GMs still want straight-up solid Pathfinder product, and we at Legendary Games are all too happy to oblige!


Last summer saw the release of Faerie Passions, which delved into the psychology of the fey and how to role-play creatures of faerie with a distinctly different mindset, as well as introducing a number of new fey-themed archetypes and bloodlines. Coming your way next is the long-awaited sequel to that product, Faerie Mysteries! This product, penned cooperatively by Todd Stewart, Jason Nelson, and Alistair Rigg, introduces a new rules subsystem of fey impulses, intrusions of the wild and supernatural hyper-reality of the fey realms into the staid and stable world of mortals. Sometimes these impulses produce fleeting disturbances that are mere distractions, but sometimes they are deadly dangerous and all too real. Divided into insubstantial rumors, disquieting ripples, and reality-warping ruptures, this system allows you to place fey flavor into a mechanical context that function for similarly to haunts in a horror campaign. Going the extra mile, this product also includes over 20 fey-themed events ranging from dangerous diplomacy to sinister stalkers to madcap revels, and also includes a section describing a trio of three new variant creatures, based on existing monsters but with a distinctive faerie twist.


If you like the fey, or are running a campaign (or Adventure Path) where they play a major role, you cannot miss Faerie Mysteries, available at the beginning of March from Legendary Games!