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Stare into the maw of the ABYSS!

Now available exclusively from Legendary Games, Mythic Monsters VIII: Abyssal brings you a dozen and one otherworldly terrors crawling up from the greatest festering sinkhole of chaos and evil in all the universe. Everybody knows demons come from the Abyss, sure, but the deepest pits of the outer rifts hold older and stranger creatures, savage beings that spill over into the world of mortals in terrifying tides of destruction!


The latest in our Mythic Monsters series is available now right here on our webstore, and will be available soon in wide release with our sales partners elsewhere, but if you love raw, unfiltered evil and mind-warping and soul-shattering chaos (and who doesn’t?), don’t delay and GET YOURS TODAY!


Mythic Monsters - Abyssal cover


Just to encourage you, I’m proud to present the Table of Contents for this fine product, and we’ll be posting up some sample abilities later this week as well.

CR/MR Creature
3/1 qlippoth, mythic cythnigot
4/1 mythic howler
9/3 qlippoth, mythic shoggti
13/5 qlippoth, mythic nyogoth
13/5 mythic bebilith
15/6 qlippoth, mythic chernobue
15/6 mythic baregara
16/6 demodand, mythic tarry
16/6 qlippoth, mythic ylyrgoi – a brand-new creation from the mind of Legendary newcomer Alistair Rigg!
18/7 mythic kakuen-taka
19/7 mythic xacarba
20/8 demodand, mythic slimy
23/9 demodand, mythic shaggy



Our autumn Kickstarter of last year is officially winding down to its conclusion, as with a yeoman’s effort – well, several yeomen and a yeowoman – we have completed our PDF compilations for the Far East AP Plug-Ins and the Kingdom-Building AP Plug-Ins, the latter catchily renamed as the River Kings Campaign Compendium! Backers who purchased these two compilations now have a reformatted and enhanced compilation of all six Far East Plug-Ins and all six Kingdom Plug-Ins, with forewords by the contributing authors and revised and refined layout and presentation, plus compiled illustration galleries and player maps. We will most likely revisit these compilations in the future as we contemplate and complete future products in either of these two product lines, and I’d love to get these items into print at some point, though that will have to wait until we are ready to close the book, literally, on these two product lines.




I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our Kickstarter backers, especially (though not only) those that pledged for these compilations. I hope you enjoy what you now hold in your virtual hands and that you look forward to our next Kickstarter project… which just so happens to be STARTING NEXT MONTH!!!


It’s gonna be a MYTHIC MARCH!!! And you have no idea just how mythic. But you will, and soon. I’ll open it up to you soon, and I hope you’ll agree that the design we have is truly Legendary… maybe even genius. 🙂