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Ultimate War Ultimate Update #2

We gave you a rather cryptic table last update and pondered what it could mean. Well, what do the Crimson Wardens, the White Lions of Dagelmar, the Wild Fist, and Mandor’s Filthy Legion have in common? They are just four of the gazillion possible combinations you might create with our Random Mercenary Band Generator! In addition to generating names from the classic to the ridiculous (Mandor’s Filthy Fist, anyone? You don’t know where that hand has been!), you can randomize the size, composition, and tactics of each mercenary band, connecting it to your campaign world. Not in the mood to spend the afternoon populating your game world with mercenary bands? No problem! Ultimate War provides you with a collection of pregenerated mercenary bands ready to use out of the box!


The next slice of Ultimate War I’m tackling is the interface of adventurers and armies, including the use of the troop subtype as a bridge between mass battles between units and person-to-person combat in the classic gaming tradition. The impact of solo heroes on a mass combat scenario is always tricky, but the rules herein are designed to help you move smoothly between layers of a battlefield scenario to reach for that epic feeling of your characters being right in the midst of a dynamic battle moving all around them. Hopefully we’ll succeed! Stay tuned for further Ultimate Updates as we race on to getting this product done!

Hoist the colors high!

Hoist the colors high!