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More 5-star reviews for LG – Nautical Heroes and more!

In less than a month, Nautical Heroes: Pregenerated Characters has already garnered a pair of 5-star reviews on

Feros says: Final Thoughts: Overall this is an excellent product. If your players are having trouble developing a character for a pirate campaign or if you are a player looking for a shortcut, this supplement is for you. As NPC rivals, allies, or even opponents, having richly detailed and rule legal characters these eight entries will find great use in my campaign. So even if your players create their own characters, as a GM you should consider the value of extra NPCs and seriously think about this product.


And Devastation Bob: Nautical Heroes continues Legendary Game’s awesome series of pre-generated characters for the Paizo Adventure Path series. Ably filling the role of PC, NPC, or Quickie Replacement Character, each comes nicely illustrated with backstory and levelling suggestions in addition to the regular character stats. Characters range from a bloodthirsty Tengu rogue to an Undine Monk. You’ll want to play them all. Check it out.


But that’s not all! Check out the high praise and seal of approval from Endzeitgeist for Mythic Magic: Advanced Spells I! 

Jason Nelson, Jeff Lee and Morgan Boehringer have crafted a vast array of mythic spell-upgrades for perhaps the most crucial base book among the PFRPG hardcovers released so far – and this book delivers. While there are slightly more numerical-increase mythic adaptations herein than in the last mythic magic-book, that is also due to the significantly higher page-count. Let’s cut to the chase – this is absolutely non-optional. If you run a mythic campaign that is not core-rulebook + MA only (and why would you?), there’s simply no way past this pdf. Not only are *many* spells downright inspired in their synergy and uncommon improvements, they belong to what amounts to the very basic minimum rulekit one expects – or at least I do, from a campaign. Instead of just delivering a default job, the designers have went above and beyond the first two Mythic Magic-installments to make this book and its spells stand out, feel distinct and most importantly, diversified them. Instead of simply going into the depth, many options herein go into the breadth, enriching the game rather than simply adding numerical escalation.


This is a required book for any mythic campaign; and yes, it has slightly more glitches than I like to see, but no game-breakers – and that, alongside its sheer creativity and breadth, are what makes this stand out. It’s not perfect, but for such a straightforward topic as “make mythic spells of all of these”, the designers have managed to retain a freshness and playfulness that suffuses these pages and makes the read inspiring – it may not be perfect, but I quite frankly don’t care in the face of creativity like this. Final verdict: 5 stars + seal of approval.

Mythic Advanced Spells I



This Christmas, Legendary Games is definitely going to be on the NAUGHTY LIST! Why, because we’re leading off with the best of the worst with Legendary Villains: Antipaladins46 pages packed with perfidy and crammed with cruelty, including archetypes, magic items, and almost 50 fearsome feats to make your worst villain the best he’s ever been! Pick up your copy today at the Legendary Games webstore, or from our partners at shop.d20pfsrd, Paizo, and DrivethruRPG! - AntipaladinsCover

And, just in case you ever need to summon a little help, it wouldn’t be MYTHIC MONDAY without Mythic Minis 45: Summoner Feats! This product brings you 9 mythic feats that include eidolon-focused feats for the summoner class as well as feats for general purpose summoners of every kind! Pick up your copy today at Legendary Games webstore or from our partners at shop.d20pfsrd, Paizoand DrivethruRPG! - Mythic Minis 45 - Summoner Feats (cover)


The CHAOS is coming!

This week has seen a flurry of activity in getting the final monsters queued up for the Mythic Monster Manual completed so we can get that volume off to layout, but at the same time we are closing in on our latest release in the Mythic Monsters product line! - Mythic Monster - Masters of Chaos Cover

What will you find within this fantastic tome? I’m glad you asked!

Protean, Voidworm 3 1
Azata, Lyrakien 3 1
Pard 4 1
Cayhound 6 2
Azata, Bralani 7 3
Protean, Naunet 8 3
Azata, Lillend 8 3
Chaos beast 8 3
Protean, Imentesh 12 5
Aoandon 15 6
Azata, Ghaele 16 6
Protean, Keketar 21 8

All of the above PLUS a surprise 13th monster, as always! In addition, you can look forward to some fantastic frontmatter by the master of the planes himself, Todd Stewart! Masters of Chaos should be ready for release next week, though the Christmas season is a busy time for families and travel, so a firm release date will have to wait and see.



If all goes well, we should also have a new product next week for all those people on your NAUGHTY list. You know, the kind who are ANTI everything…




Need Mythic Magic for your Campaign Setting?

Of course you do! Especially if you’re playing in the delightful official campaign world published for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. So tell your friend Larry, Go, Larry, on and get it!” If you’re playing in that campaign world with the mythic rules, then this is the book for you, with almost 200 spells drawn from over a dozen campaign setting, chronicles, and companion products for the lands of the “Inland Sea” and beyond! Grab a copy today from the Legendary Games webstore or from our friends at shop.d20pfsrd, Paizoand DrivethruRPG!




The Legendary Games family of ADVENTURE PATH PLUG-INS is about to grow! Debuting this month, we are proud to bring you the METAL GODS Adventure Path Plug-Ins! This is just the first of many installments, but I promise this series of AP Plug-Ins is going to be literally out of this world.


So what can you expect in this series of plug-ins?

– You’ve already heard about Metal Heroes from Neil Spicer, the latest in his long line of fantastic pregenerated character products.

Starfall is a high-level adventure from Tom Phillips and Mike Welham featuring an alien probe, a decaying space station, and multiple menaces from beyond the stars each with their own agenda. The heroes must hope they do not become simply another experiment in an alien zoo.

Scorpions of Perdition is a mid-level adventure from Nicolas Logue featuring an android drifter and lawman on the hunt for escapees from a crashed prison ship, with the search leading to an abandoned mine that is very much no longer abandoned.

– A series of technology-focused products like robots from Russ Taylor, cybernetic implants and a cyborg character class from Tim Hitchcock, and more!

We’ll be running further previews about the METAL GODS AP Plug-Ins, but we hope that you are as excited as we are about getting this new series of products launched with a bang!

P.S. You didn’t think we’d call it Metal Gods, and not link a Judas Priest video, did you? 


Missing MYTHIC MONDAY Means More Mythic Magic!

Last week was a scheduled off week for our Mythic Minis because of the wind-up of the Thanksgiving holidays, but this week we had hoped to get you Mythic Minis 44: Trickster Path Abilities II, but those darn tricksters are just too tricky. They skipped town until next week. HOWEVER, as we streak to the finish line on design for the Mythic Mania Kickstarter, we are pleased to announce the imminent publication of Mythic Magic: Campaign Setting Spells, available later this week from Legendary Games!


This product contains almost 200 mythic spells drawn from over a dozen products designed to complement the official campaign setting of the Pathfinder RPG. From abstemiousness to zone of foul flames, this book brings you a magnificent selection of mythic magic from that planet that sounds like “Go Larry, On!” We couldn’t include every spell ever published for the campaign world; with more coming out every month, but we think the spells contained herein are a great representative sampling of magic from every school and every level. In addition to hyperlinking to online resources with the descriptions of the base spells, for those who like print versions or their official PDF copies each spell description contains a superscript indicating the original publication(s) in which the spell appeared. You should have no trouble figuring out which spell comes from where.


AA = Guide archiving rules for animal companions and familiars.

DHH = Handbook for hunting demons.

DSH = Handbook for slaying dragons.

DW = Guide to other worlds and planetary adventures.

FG = Guide to factions in the lands of the Inland Sea.

FP = Guide to religious philosophies and faiths.

ISG = Guide to gods in the lands of the Inland Sea.

ISM = Guide to magic in the lands of the Inland Sea.

ISWG = Guide to the world of the Inland Sea.

LK = Guide to the lost kingdoms of the campaign world.

MO = Guide to the origins of mythic power.

OLP = Guide to Egyptian-themed land of pharoahs and pyramids.

PSand = Guide to the peoples living in the sandy deserts.

PStar = Guide to the peoples living among the stars.

RG = Guide to rival adventuring parties.



It’s EVEN BLACKER FRIDAY! Big savings at!

And here you thought all the big savings were over! The only problem with Black Friday sales is that there are SO MANY of them that you kind of lose track of all the good deals, so we decided to run some of our sales last weekend and another one this weekend! SAVE 50% OFF PDFs AND 25% OFF PRINT/PDF BUNDLES when you buy from our good friends at! If you missed the savings last weekend it’s not too late!

Go get those savings!

Go get those savings!



Another 5-star review for LG – ULTIMATE WAR!

Many thanks to the inimitable Endzeitgeist for his always-detailed reviews, the latest of which for Legendary Games was devoted to Ultimate War, the third installment in our line of expansions to the mass combat and kingdom-building rules for the Pathfinder RPG. Endy is a big fan of mass combat and we were looking forward to seeing what he had to say about our latest foray into this arena. Here are some of his thoughts to sum up:


Jason Nelson took a *long* time making this final piece of the triumvirate of expansions and refinements to Paizo’s kingdom building/mass-combat system (which he also wrote, just fyi). It is not a big surprise then, that the resulting books, unfettered from the limitations of page-count and relative simplicity, have been an utter BLAST to read and use. Offering options to get rid of some overly generic simplifications of the base system, the first two books were beyond superb and managed to add so incredibly much to the base systems I never, ever want to play kingdom building and mass combat without their options again. Now the thing is – Ultimate War was pending and its task was to close the final gaps and cover the true clash of armies, remembering all the small modifications AND refining the base system. I’ll make this short:


If you even remotely plan to run mass combat BUY THIS NOW. The additional options, even if you use neither aerial, nor naval or siege combat, are GOLD: The fact that they work perfectly together makes for truly dynamic mass combat. the vast expansion of boons and tactics translate to mass combat that is infinitely more exciting, strategic and ultimately fun. Now it’s perhaps due to approximately 15K points of warhammer miniatures in my attic, but I expect some tactical options from a given system and Ultimate War’s expansion fits the bill perfectly – indeed, the variance and peculiarities of aerial combat and naval combat allow for a finer gradation in these areas.


The most impressive component of these rules, beyond their modularity and synergy, though, would be the fact that this one system supports not only all those particular special cases, it allows for transparency and overlap between them – ships that can turn aerial? Why not! Cadres of wyrms rising from the waves to take to the skies, then land and wreck havoc among the elven archers?? Go for it, with this book, you can properly portray that – and the dogfight between the draconic assault and the giant eagle riding knights in the air! The assault of the gnomish submersible-riding saboteurs on the siege-weapon bearing frigate. This book is glorious, a must-buy for everyone who considered the base rules of Ultimate Campaign too simple, too rudimentary – with this, you could conceivably play a thoroughly compelling, interesting, strategic CAMPAIGN of warfare – and honestly, I’d probably have a nerdgasm if Legendary Games released a full mass combat-AP using these rules. For now, I have to plot, devise strategies and generate *a lot* of adventure material; I just have resolved to up the emphasis on war in my current campaign!


This book is brilliant, a worthy successor to its stellar companion books, and well worth a final rating of 5 stars + seal of approval + nomination as a candidate for my top ten of 2014. An absolute must-buy-level tome and one that also receive the endzeitgeist essential-tag as one of the must-have tomes for a campaign!


You can read his full review on his website here! Thanks as always to Endy and to everyone that takes the time to review one of our products, or the product of any 3PP. Your feedback helps all of us make our products better and helps the community know more about the terrific products available from small presses all over the gaming world.


Oh, and one more thing, Ultimate War isn’t the FINAL installment in this series of books. Ultimate Armies is already in production, and hopefully will be ready to release sometime next spring.