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Now available in wide release – ROAD TO WAR: The Equinox Crown

The latest and greatest legendary adventure from the talented team-up of Jim Groves and Neil Spicer, two of the men who brought you the official AP adventures in what we are referring to as the “Righteous Crusade” Adventure Path from Paizo Publishing, LLC (since we don’t want to invoke the wrath of such righteous people by using the official name of their product) – Road to War: The Equinox Crown is now available in wide release in PDF from shop.d20pfsrd,, DrivethruRPG, in print from CreateSpace and coming soon to and DrivethruRPG, and of course right here on our webstore. The Road to War has begun!!!

Road to War (1)


Fall Preview #8: Unrighteous Villains

The idea behind Unrighteous Villains is to make bad guys that are really, REALLY BAD. Not just vicious combat monsters that put you in fear of your character’s life, but insidious, vindictive, schemers and plotters that put you in fear of your character’s soul. From a bound demonic horror that appear at first as a humble quasit to a sibilant shadow demon that may lurk in your own shadow your entire life, these villains have plans both large and small, and all of them awful for one and all. We showed you the artwork for Mons-Verix last time around, so it only seems fitting that we give you the inside scoop on what this villain is all about:


“Even the righteous must bow to pragmatism and know that what must be done, must be done, and in the end all will be forgiven.” – Mons’verix the angel, eidolon of the Glabrezu summoner Mons’verix

As demons of treachery, glabrezu revel in the temptation of mortals through lies, deceit, and promises of power. Mons’verix is no different in this respect, but his methods are even more devious and rich in irony than his kindred, making open mockery of celestials and of mortal hope. Rather than offering to fulfill his victims’ wildest dreams or exchange simple services, Mons’verix deceives them in such a way that they follow his dictates willingly, zealously even, convinced of their righteousness. Most are never even aware that their actions serve a demon until they have already damned themselves and despoiled the world around them.

Centuries ago, the glabrezu encountered a mortal spellcaster unlike any other he had known, a summoner. This mortal exposed his manipulations and would have killed him had Mons’verix not managed to escape back to the Abyss. Mons’verix lost years of work and was deprived of savoring the delicious agony of the mortals he’d targeted. For decades, the fiend obsessed over this mortal wizard and his bizarre familiar, but he was unable to find them until the wizard was on his deathbed. The glabrezu learned the unique source of their power as he watched their conjoined souls depart for judgment. Realizing the potential for duplicity inherent in such magic, Mons’verix cackled with delight and pored over his former enemy’s writings, learning the process by which he’d summoned and bound his eidolon.

To the world’s lament, Mons’verix learned well, summoning a powerful eidolon warped and twisted to match his own fiendish nature. The glabrezu named it after himself, and cackled as he wove its form to resemble that of an astral deva with brilliant white wings that radiate a pure white glow. For the eidolon of a demon, appearances mean nothing.

Few ever encounter the glabrezu directly. He prefers to remain veiled or invisible, able to observe and savor the irony, deceit, and looming pain as his eidolon plays the part of an angelic herald or savior. The two of them most often target mortals in the midst of a holy war against fiends or rival religions. The angel descends from the sky, surrounded by a brilliant light, butchering the enemies of its targets (be they mortal or fiendish) and healing their wounds. Believing themselves saved by divine intervention, most mortals hurl themselves at the eidolon’s feet, praising it and their own gods. Thus deceived, they never question any subsequent demands it makes. After all, they owe it their lives and surely it saved them for a purpose. They never question when it plants notions of paranoia in their minds, sowing seeds of discord, or instructs them to kill good men or women it identifies as demonic agents. Through the angel’s honeyed words, Mons’verix slowly corrupts righteous men and women into zealots willing to commit acts of horror in the name of good. After all, why would an angel lie?




Fall Previews #7: Unrighteous Villains… and a Legendary Logue

The first product we created for the Righteous Crusade AP Plug-Ins was a packet of pregenerated characters by Neil Spicer, Righteous HeroesComing soon, it’s the bad guys’ turn, as Legendary Games proudly brings you Unrighteous Villains! Carved from the deepest recesses of blighted hatred, insensate evil, and irrepressible caprice, these villains are richly detailed in personality and motivation, designed to connect with the existing Adventure Path and its primary plotlines but easily portable to any campaign where you need a villain that is over the top and out of the ordinary. These malevolent menaces are brought to you by the fervid imaginations of Todd Stewart, Clinton J. Boomer, and the newest addition to the Legendary team, that estimable emissary of evil himself, Mr. Nick Logue!


Take a peek inside these pages tomorrow, but for now we’ll give you just a tease with this lovely bit of illustration.


Who, or what, is the monstrous Mons-Verix?

Who, or what, is the monstrous Mons-Verix?


Another 5-star review for Legendary Games: Mythic Monsters: Demons!

In the midst of announcing new and upcoming Mythic Monsters products, a look back at the O.G. of this product line is in order, Mythic Monsters: Demonsthanks to a new 5-star review from Endzeitgeistwho says:


We kick this pdf off with notes on mythic demons crashing through bindings, bargaining and possessing mortals before diving headfirst into the mythic demons provided herein – from humble CR 2/MR 1 Quasits over Babau, Bodaks, Glabrezu, Hezrou, Incubus, Kalavakus, Nabassu, Elite Nabassu, Shadow Demon, Succubus all the way to the CR 25/MR 10 Balor, we get quite a solid array of statblocks for the respective demons, all mythified for your convenience and with thematically fitting abilities to boost – whether it’s the succubus revealing herself in abyssal glory (potentially quite literally), thus making all crash to the floor growling (and take cha-damage upon shaking it off),  an elite nabassus manifesting in conflagrations of fire upon being summoned (potentially turning those slain into mhorgs!) to the mythic klavakus that can use their mythic powers to command their slaves to commit suicide – these demons are NASTY with a capital “N” and come with appropriately twisted builds and abilities.


And then there is the Gulgerak – at CR 22/MR 9, these gigantic demonic siege engines are six-legged, two-headed wolves that sport chains on which lesser demons dangle for a both awe-inspiring and superbly deadly foe – including an origin-myth, description-fluff and an awesome full color artwork, the second apart from the cover artwork herein. An awesome creature that shows well why author Tom Philip’s name can be seen on various awesome supplements out there.


His only reservation about the product? That there just weren’t enough demons in it! Fear not, Endy, if the response to this product continues to be this enthusiastic, a sequel is very likely in the offing! Read the full review at Endzeitgeist’s own website here, or on the product page for Mythic Monsters: Demons at, DrivethruRPG, or

Mythic Monster Demons cover


Fall Previews #6: Mythic Monsters: Mythos intro and TOC!

What You Will Find Inside Mythic Monsters: Mythos


Creatures from beyond the stars are relative newcomers in the grand scheme of monster lore, but they have a long history in fantasy RPGs; nearly as long as they’ve been around in horror games. The beauty of creatures of this alien mythos is that they are simultaneously impossibly ancient and futuristically foreign; whichever direction they lie in terms of flavor, they are something deeply and terribly other from the normal run-of-the-mill monsters PCs might encounter. They signal that something is fundamentally wrong in the universe, in a way that demonic irruptions or the walking dead or fire-breathing monstrosities just don’t quite match. All of these creatures have their place in the world, but the alien mythos is from somewhere else. They are a great unknown, their plans inscrutable, their numbers unimaginable, and their motivations unfathomable. They are not here for wealth, or power, or even adoration. Their twisted cultists offer up paeans of praise to beings that could scarcely care less about their feeble bleatings, but may reward them with power anyway as they continue infiltrating the world of sanity and normality with their ghastly servants. The mythic rules really provide the perfect springboard for taking these alien creatures and really showcasing their alien-ness, from the simple cerebric fungus to the titanic shoggoth, from alien masterminds like the moon-beasts to mythos minions like the new byakhee, Mythic Monsters: Mythos brings to you a great variety of alien horrors with CR from 4 to 23, and it just scratches the surface of the unearthly terrors that populate the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. And to top it off, an introduction to alien alchemy and elder signs, mythic style!



Table of Contents by CR


CR/MR Creature

4/1       mythic cerebric fungus

5/2       mythic faceless stalker

6/2       mythic gibbering mouther

8/3       byakhee

9/3       mythic hound of Tindalos

10/4      mythic denizen of Leng

10/4      mythic neh-thalggu

10/4      mythic shantak

12/5      mythic gug

13/5      mythic gug savant

13/5      mythic moon-beast

18/7      mythic Leng spider

23/9      mythic shoggoth

How do you open the byadoor? With a byakhee!

How do you open the byadoor? With a byakhee!


Fall Preview #5: Mythic Monsters – Mythos

Earlier this week we previewed mythic monsters from realms beyond this world, from the foundational Inner Planes that undergird material reality. This time around, however, we bring you a new menagerie of mythic monsters from dimensions where primitive concepts such as reality, logic, and sanity have no place. Matter is mutable and physics flexible when you enter the realms of the Mythic Monsters: Mythos! A dozen and one alien horrors from beyond the stars await within these pages to bring such pain to your PCs as they never knew existed, unleashing horror and madness wherever they roam. Brought to you by the terrific (and terrorizing) team of Tom Phillips, Jim Groves, Jonathan Keith, and Jason Nelson, Mythic Monsters: Mythos opens up brand-new realms of monstrous mayhem for you. Table of contents coming your way next time! For now, check out Chris McFann’s delightful artwork.

Monsters man was not meant to meet!

Monsters man was not meant to meet!


Another 5-star review for Legendary Games – Road to Destiny!

With all this talk about the upcoming Road to War, let’s take a look back at Jim Groves’ prior venture with Legendary Games, the sprawling epic Road to Destiny, which just garnered another 5-star review from ktfish7, who praises the adventure’s utility both as a supplement to the AP and also as a terrific standalone adventure. He says:


Road to Destiny from Legendary Games is yet another product from this company that in a very short amount of time have accomplished carving a spot at the table when it comes to 3PPs of Pathfinder material. With their visual themes and feel, the quality of their layouts and artwork, the names on those credits pages have a handful of familiar faces. But none of that matters in the end, not truly. Eye candy is just that if the meat at the center of it is not worth it, and that it where Legendary Games excels.


You can read the entire review here! Thanks for the review, and thanks to everyone who takes the time to review our products. They are a great benefit for every 3PP, and we at Legendary Games work hard to exceed your expectations every time out. If you liked Road to Destiny, be sure to check out Road to War, and if you love the new Road to War, by all means go back and give Road to Destiny a look; you won’t be disappointed!

JR06-Road to Destiny


Fall Previews #4: The Equinox Crown

Our new adventure/campaign product, Road to War, is subtitled The Equinox Crown, and we thought you’d like to know why! The Righteous Crusade AP deals with a fallen kingdom of the wild northlands, where ruined druidical circles dot the now demon-haunted (and hunted) landscape. Even in a victory as complete as the demons wrought upon the fallen kingdom, however, traces of that former wisdom and communion with the things of nature must endure, and relics of the old faith may yet lie forgotten amid the blasted and blighted waste. That is where The Equinox Crown comes in. As Neil and Jim tell it:


Prior to the fall of Ancient Sarkulis, a terrible Demon Lord of Locusts supplanted himself as a nature spirit, albeit a destructive one, in the pantheon of spiritual beings alternately venerated or propitiated to maintain the balance of natural forces. This subversion grew uncontrolled, and on more than one occasion, led to great suffering before the demonic infestation was driven off by more benevolent divinities. Although learned druids and shamans exposed the Demon Lord as having no part in the natural order, the culture and people of Ancient Sarkulis lacked a central authority and strong, universal belief system to remain free of his influence. Destructive and harsh forces were often viewed as part of the cycle of nature. And, when times grew hard, small clans often returned to the old ways of appeasing and beseeching demonic powers as a means to insure themselves from harm. These lapses in faith allowed the Demon Lord’s evil to creep back into Ancient Sarkulis again and again, always in search of the wicked and foolhardy.


Vorian, a respected hierophant, made it his mission to travel Sarkulis to educate the clans on the peril of mistaking infernal entities for the destructive spirits in nature. Time and again he would expose the veneration of the Lord of Locusts and scour his cults from the countryside. His unquestioned zeal became legendary and his followers dubbed him the “Autumn Lord” whose chilly wrath spelled a season’s end for all tiny and loathsome things which crawl, slither, and fly. When Vorian passed away, the silver circlet he wore upon his brow became an extension of his personal legend and cause. Known as the Equinox Crown, it was placed in a shrine in a village named after Vorian’s only daughter. When Demonic Incursion sundered the world, the relic had already fallen far from memory. And, after centuries of neglect, the crown became inert and tarnished. Yet, with the growing proximity of the demonic forces, the crown has begun to stir once more, driven by Vorian’s zeal even well after his death.


When first handled by any character capable of casting spells, the tarnish on the silver circlet abruptly vanishes as if the metal were polished clean. When worn, it grants a +2 sacred bonus to whatever ability score the wearer uses to cast spells (Charisma, Intelligence, or Wisdom—or, Charisma for non-spellcasters). The circlet does not grant additional skill ranks as with a headband of vast intelligence, even if it grants the wearer a bonus to Intelligence. Certain events and tasks can further awaken the Equinox Crown, eventually transforming it into a powerful magic item. One such event—and its corresponding power—are described in the Road to War, but more powers are listed below with suggestions for suitable triggers to unlock them.


Something like that just might come in a little handy for characters rising to mythic heights throughout the course of the campaign. And it’s darned stylish too!

To everything there is a season...

To everything there is a season…


Fall Preview #3: A RIGHTEOUS new adventure!

Brought to you by the tag-team tandem of Jim Groves and Neil Spicer, we are proud to bring you Road to War: The Equinox Crown! 


Road to War represents the development of a new product concept from Legendary Games, in that it is in part an adventure and in part a campaign accessory. Like its predecessor, Road to Destiny for the Far East Adventure Path Plug-Ins, Road to War comprises a series of loosely linked scenarios rather than a tightly focused adventure. In each case, the companion adventure in the published adventure path presumes a journey of some length, but without a lot to fill it other than random encounters. Road to War offers you a series of interconnected encounters, each a demonic delight in and of itself, which can be inserted piecemeal or in whole into your campaign as heroes plunge into the Demon Wastes that wound the world, either alone or leading a small army of crusaders.


Jim Groves and Neil Spicer, who authored two of the adventures in the published adventure path, have created a diverse set of encounters that are richly detailed, cunningly designed, and offer the chance to forge ever-deeper connections to the NPCs and organizations that really make the adventure path come alive. Even in terms of pure heroic adventuring, Road the War allows PCs to uncover The Equinox Crown, a lost relic of the fallen druid kingdom of the north, one that will come in very handy later in the campaign as they face down the Locust Lord and his swarming hosts. This item forms a key touchstone for many (though not all) of the encounters in Road to War, and it is designed to grow in power alongside the PCs as they rise to become mythic heroes in their own right, standing in the breach in a war the world dare not lose. Keep your faith and your sword ready, and set out on the Road to War!


Oh, and watch out for this guy…



Another 5-star review for Legendary Games – Mutant Manifesto!

From the (virtual) pen of Eric Hinkle over on the messageboards comes a lovely summary of the contents of the product and how it might fit into a game. Eric’s favorite part?


Last of all is a description of the dread Omnia Mutandis spellbook, which basically gives PCs a way to take any of the above spells, feats, etc. for themselves along with a free side order of accidental mutation thanks to the fact that the pages are soaked with the remnants of mutagenic experiments! It also gives advice on how to handle fleshwarping, Moreau-esque vivisection, and other fun topics. Truly a memorable tome and one that comes complete with its own nasty history and plot hooks.


You can read the full review here, but many thanks again to Eric and to everyone who has ever taken the time to write a review for Legendary Games or any other 3PP product; your time and kind words are much appreciated and a great help to all of us!