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Mythic Monsters: Mythos wide release

The latest and greatest in the Mythic Monster series; Mythic Monsters: Mythos is now available in wide release in PDF from shop.d20pfsrd,, DrivethruRPG, and will be available in print soon on our site, CreateSpace, and

Another 5-star review for Legendary Games: Horns of the Hunted

From the reviewing pen of the hardest-working man in the 3PP review business, Endzeitgeist, comes another glowing review for the work of Legendary Games. The latest recipient of his coveted seal of approval is none other than Matt Goodall’s delightful romp, Horns of the Hunted! Endy says:


Matthew Goodall has not reinvented the wheel here, but oh boy does this serve its purpose perfectly – lighting up the task of kingdom-ruling at a place where it is imho all but required, this fast-paced action-romp adds a superb change of pace to kingmaker, blending cool action, iconic imagery and a cool planar sojourn while making the actual storyline of the overall AP work better. This module doesn’t just have cool encounters, intriguing adversaries and options to actually spare foes and solve encounters without killing everything, it actually makes the overall AP run smoother thematically. So…fun module. Diverse challenges. Improves overall AP. Synergy with Ultimate Campaign/Rulership-rules. If you can’t guess by now – “Horns of the Hunted” should be considered a required addition to the Kingmaker-AP, a module that improves the overall experience and well-worth 5 stars + seal of approval.


You can read the full review here on Endzeitgeist’s own review site, or cross-posted on the product pages for Horns of the Hunted at Paizo, DrivethruRPG, and d20pfsrd.

Sound the horns! Fear the Hunters!

Sound the horns! Fear the Hunters!


Mythic Monsters: Mythos on final approach!

The files are in layout as we speak, and ready to bring otherworldly horror to an unearthly level of awfulness, Mythic Monsters: Mythos takes the mythic rules to places they’ve never been. From the meek yet maddening mythic cerebric fungus to the sanity-shattering mythic shoggoth, these creatures span the CR range from 4 to 24. Just for a little foretaste, here are a few of the new mythic abilities you will find on the abominations within. From the mythic faceless stalker, we have this little gem:


Maddening Duplication (Su) As a standard action, a mythic faceless stalker can expend one use of mythic power to focus its will on a Small or Medium humanoid within 30 feet and rearrange its rubbery facial features to perfectly mimic the humanoid’s face, rippling and pulsing between the duplicate face and the stalker’s own tumescent visage. If the target has line of sight to the mythic faceless stalker, its sense of self is shaken by the maddening duplication, dealing 1d4 points of Charisma damage and dazing the target for 1 round. If the target is a spellcaster, she also acquires the disassociation spellblight. A DC 15 Will save negates Charisma damage and the spellblight and causes the target to become confused for 1 round rather than dazed. A mythic faceless stalker may expend one use of its mythic power when using this ability to force the target to save twice, using the lower roll, and on a failed save the target is dazed for 1 round even on a successful saving throw and confused for 1d6 rounds on a failed save (1 round on a successful save), with the confusion occurring after the dazed effect ends. This is a mind-affecting insanity effect and the save is Charisma-based.


And, from the nefarious mythic neh-thalggu:


Extradimensional Interloper (Su) A mythic neh-thalggu’s alien physiology exists across multiple dimensions simultaneously. It functions as if under a constant blink effect, though this is not a spell and cannot be dispelled, and no miss chance applies to the mythic neh-thalggu’s attacks against other creatures. A mythic neh-thalggu may suppress or resume this ability as a swift action. While blinking, it can expend one use of its mythic power to use a quickened dimension door or two uses of its mythic power to use plane shift or greater teleport as a move action. These teleportation effects affect only the mythic neh-thalggu and what it carries. A mythic neh-thalggu automatically notes the presence of extradimensional spaces (or their apertures, such as the door of a magnificent mansion or the rope of a rope trick) within 60 feet, and as a standard action it may expend one use of its mythic power to dispel that effect as if using greater dispel magic. At the GM’s option, a successful caster level check to dispel could instead allow the mythic neh-thalggu to intrude into the extradimensional space and attack creatures within.


Look for it this weekend (or before) at our webstore here at, and early next week at our other sales partners!

Monsters man was not meant to meet!

Monsters man was not meant to meet!



Thanks to all of you for the great success of our Black Friday sale on our Mythic Plug-Ins line of products. We are so pleased with the response that we would like to offer a special one-day-only reward. We are not only extending our Black Friday sale to Cyber Monday, but we are also – for the first time EVER – offering a discount on our Ultimate Plug-InsUntil midnight tomorrow, you can purchase Ultimate Battle and Ultimate Rulership at 33% off. Get your copy today, because these products have never been on sale before and may never be again!


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Ultimate Battle cover


Fall Previews #10: Ultimate War and the Art of the Siege

We’ve talked about Ultimate War and the kinds of things that will be contained within, but it feels like it’s about time to give you an honest-to-goodness peek inside the pages. I could tell you about the mercenary company generation rules, or about the inclusion of both simple and complex ship rules – the former with just six basic ship types if you mostly want to use them to ferry troops and cargo and to serve as offshore batteries when attacking armies and fortifications on land, the latter with over 20 ship types and rules for engagement on the high seas. But I think instead I’ll focus on sieges. The basic rules for siege weapons are greatly expanded, from one generic “siege weapons” piece of equipment in the official rules to almost 30 different siege engines, but the bigger evolution of the siege rules is in the introduction of unique siege tactics that let you do a lot more than just shoot at each other turn after turn. For example…


Siege Tactics


As noted above, the prosecution of a siege does not require any specialized weapons. In fact, given that defenders protecting their home know it intimately and will have a Battlefield Advantage (+2 bonus to OM and DV, as described in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Campaign) when fighting house to house in the streets and alleys inside their city, it may be the path of wisdom to simply starve them out or ravage the population hemmed in by your armies by unleashing fire and plague. In short, you have many options for reducing the strongholds of your enemies, both conventional and unconventional.


            Blockade: This tactic relies on preventing people or goods from passing into or out of the blockaded city. Requires: 100 soldiers to blockade a city (if using the Ultimate Rulership rules, 50 soldiers can blockade a town, 20 soldiers a village). All armies being used to blockade the city must be defeated, destroyed, disbanded, or routed in order to end the blockade. If the city has a water border, a blockade takes double the normal amount of time to take effect, unless a shipboard army or army with a swim speed aids in maintaining the blockade.


            Effect: No new buildings or improvements can be constructed within the blockaded settlement or the hex it occupies, and every week that the blockade continues, the defender’s kingdom must succeed at Stability check with a penalty equal to the number of weeks the blockade has continued. If failed, all settlement bonuses provided by improvements in that settlement are reduced by 1, to a minimum of 0. In addition, the kingdom must succeed at a Loyalty check with a penalty equal to the number of weeks the blockade has continued or the city surrenders to the blockaders. This check is made with a +1 bonus per 100 soldiers inside the city (not counting emergency conscripts), but with a -1 penalty for each building that has been significantly damaged (more than half its BP value), increased to -2 for each building that has been destroyed.  Each Cistern or Granary within the city delays the effect of a blockade by 1 week. After 1 month of blockade, armies defending the settlement become fatigued and cannot remove this condition without magical aid.


            If the city remains blockaded on your next kingdom turn, there is a 25% chance each kingdom turn that a dangerous settlement event occurs in that settlement, as described in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Campaign and in expanded form in Ultimate Rulership. This event, if it occurs, is in addition to any settlement event that would normally occur. 


In Ultimate War, you will find similar rules for bombardment, special bombardment with fire and plague, escalade, infiltration, sapping, and volley fire. For those wanting a more robust treatment of some of the more specialized forms of warfare, this is the product for you!

This would be more of an escalade than a blockade, but still... CHARGE!!!

This would be more of an escalade than a blockade, but still… CHARGE!!!


MYTHanksgiving Black Friday sale!


Happy Thanksgiving! To allow for maximum time with your family and friends we are running our “Black Friday” sale from now through Monday so there is no need for you to stress the day after Thanksgiving. Enjoy your turkey and your day off!


All Mythic books now 33% off until Monday. Plus get Mythic Books in print!


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Another 5-star review for Legendary Games: MYTHIC MAGIC: CORE SPELLS

While we’re on the subject of glowing reviews from the legendary Endzeitgeist, I would be remiss if I didn’t share his latest commentary on the products from our Legendary crew. In this case, he brings you the definitive commentary on Mythic Magic: Core Spells. He says:


This is beyond ambitious. Within record time of the release of Mythic Adventures, Legendary Games has released this massive book of CRUNCH. Of in your face, no-frills, full-blown crunch. As a reviewer, books like this are WORK – crunching numbers, looking for discrepancies. With that and my designing-experience, I can attest that this book must have been a chore at times to create and it speaks of the diligence of designers Jason Nelson and Jonathan Keith that they managed to get this out as fast as they did and in the quality.


Now let’s get one thing out of the way: Yes, this is not a particularly cheap pdf – in fact, it is rather expensive. But what it covers also makes this not just AN expansion for mythic spellcasting, but rather THE expansion: With diversified augments, the mythic spells herein are actually much more eclectic in the options they allow than basic, non-mythic spells, hence making casting these spells much more enjoyable. Beyond that, this pdf covers so many spells and does this in a way that makes this supplement look like a chapter that has been cut from Mythic Adventures – the massive array of mythic spells herein should not be considered optional for a mythic campaign, but rather as a required collection. Is it perfect? No, but it succeeds with bravura at its given task and while it may not be a cheap offering, if you’re playing a campaign using mythic rules…then your group needs this pdf. And yes, the price-point hurts, as do the scarce few gripes I could muster – but still: My final verdict will clock in at 5 stars – How else rate a supplement for a mythic campaign that is NOT optional and may be considered a required expansion-chapter of Paizo’s hardcover? If you run a mythic campaign, then this should be considered a required purchase.


Check out Endzeitgeist’s full review on his personal review site here, or check it out on the product pages for Mythic Magic: Core Spells on shop.20pfsrd,, and DrivethruRPG. As always, we appreciate everyone who takes the time to write up a review for our products. Your comments help spread the word about our products and help push forward 3rd party products. Thank you all very much!

One more spell coming to the party...

One more spell coming to the party…



Another 5-star review for Legendary Games: ULTIMATE BATTLE

As I started writing up the previews for the forthcoming Ultimate War, I realized I had not yet posted up a link to Endzeitgeist’s amazing review for its sister product, Ultimate Battle. He writes:


Jason Nelson, as one of the masterminds behind Ultimate Campaign’s rules and head-honcho of Legendary Games dives head-first into a supplement that had me skeptical at best on first sight: The page-count is simply not that impressive. Add to that the fact that the rules in Ultimate Campaign, by virtue of the limited space available and the variety of topics covered fell short of their potential and we have a supplement that had anything but an easy standing with me. I’ve long been into mass combat, coming to pen and paper roleplaying via the route of Warhammer, but so far, neither Adamant Entertainment’s mass combat rules, nor 3.X’s Cry Havoc did it for me and Ultimate Campaign, while better, also fell short of my expectations in that regard.


Until now. This pdf is PLATINUM. Not gold, platinum. It irons out many of the issues of the basic system. It provides superior synergy with both standard rules and Ultimate Rulership. It expands the tactical options exponentially. It covers all the topics, from marches to commanders to special qualities and manages to end the rather trite attrition-rolling of mass combat melee in favor of a much more rewarding and tactical solution. This, ladies and gentlemen, is not only required. Anyone using mass combat without this book should really contemplate to stop now and shell out the bucks. I have almost never in my career as a reviewer witnessed a pdf so densely-packed with crucial coolness – concisely-written, Jason Nelson delivers mass combat as it ought to be: Abstract, but challenging and strategic – with this supplement, true strategic showdowns, complex military operations and desperate gambits all become possible. This pdf allows you to create brilliant battles of wits between enemy commanders and the PCs on a level that was, with the basic system, unthinkable. What we have here is a candidate for my Top Ten of 2013, a required purchase and a book that should be part of any PFRPG-DM’s library if s/he is only remotely interested in either Kingmaker or any other form of mass combat – final verdict? Unsurprising 5 stars + seal of approval, given without even the remotest hesitation. Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!


You can read Endy’s full review here on his own review site, as well as on the product pages for Ultimate Battle at shop.d20pfsrd,, and DrivethruRPG! Thanks always to Endy for his detailed and thorough reviews, and to everyone who takes the time to write a review for our products. Your words are of great help to us in spreading the good news about Legendary Games, and we appreciate every one of you!

Ultimate Battle cover


Fall Preview #9: ULTIMATE WAR

The long-awaited sequel to Ultimate Rulership and Ultimate Battle, delayed by our Kickstarter and ramping up for our new Mythic and Righteous Crusade product lines, Ultimate War is at long last back in production! Featuring amazing artwork by Tim Kings-Lynne and innovative new rules content by Jason Nelson, who brought you the earlier expansions to the kingdom-building and mass combat rules found in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Campaign hardback. Whereas Ultimate Battle mostly focused on the action taking place on the battlefield, as well as creating armies and dealing with aftermath of mass combat, Ultimate War promises to deliver mass combat rules for all manner of special situations – naval combat, siege warfare, aerial combat, mercenary companies and more. In the immortal words of Miracle Max, “Have fun storming the castle!”

Breach the keep and the day is ours! CHARGE!!!

Breach the keep and the day is ours! CHARGE!!!


Another 5-star review for Legendary Games – Road to War: The Equinox Crown

Out just a few days, and already raking in the accolades, Road to War: The Equinox Crown has garnered high praise indeed from Weslocke on the Paizo messageboards, who says:


A few nights ago, when Legendary Games released their latest AP plug-in for the Righteous Adventure Path, I made a point to purchase a copy from the Legendary Games site. As usual, I was not at all disappointed. A few things really stand out about this module.


First, the adventure was written by none other than Jim Groves and Neil Spicer. Who better to expand a plotline than the very same authors who penned those chapters of the Righteous AP?


Second, this AP Plug-In utilizes a very free-form structure by breaking down the adventure into individual encounters on their armies long journey into the demon lands. This makes it easy for a GM to work the expanded story into the campaign seamlessly as the players march their army into untold dangers. Legendary Games first utilized this structure in their “Road to Destiny” AP Plug-in (for the Far East AP) and it serves quite well to provide a GM with more material to make long journeys more eventful and challenging.


Third, the production quality is extremely high. As usual for Legendary Games, the art (OMG, the art!) and layout of the material is absolutely top notch work and, in this reviewers opinion, sets the standard for other third party publishers to aspire to. The art was done by Tim Kings-Lynne, and is beyond exceptional. The maps were done by Ashton Sperry and were excellent and several of them were suitable for use in encounters beyond the scope of the adventure. After all, who doesn’t need extra maps for encounters?


You can read the full review here. Many thanks from us to Weslocke and to everyone who takes the time to write a review for our products. For all small publishers, your positive words mean the world to us, and we surely appreciate all you do to help spread the word about Legendary Games!