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Another 5-star review for Legendary Games – Mythic Minis 1: Monster Feats!

It’s only been out a day and already the first in our upcoming line of Mythic Minis has garnered high praise from Weslocke on the Paizo.com messageboards:


Simply put, if you are running a Mythic Game or using Mythic Monsters in your game then you need this PDF. It contains Mythic versions of the most popular monster feats. And, man, are they Mythic!


This PDF contains mythic versions of the Ability Focus, Awesome Blow, Improved Natural Armor, Improved Natural Attack, Multiattack, Multiweapon Fighting and Snatch feats. Each powered up and revamped to turn PC’s weapons aside with ease, mash them into jelly or send them flying and leave them gasping for breath.


A must-have expansion for any GM running a Mythic Campaign or any Mythic rules enthusiast. Grab your copy today!


Weslocke also adds in a very thoughtful addendum to his review, which we very much appreciate:


Additionally, I would like to mention that I have been purchasing products from Legendary Games for quite a while now and the folks at the Legendary Games site never fail to provide anything less than Legendary Customer Service.


Thanks for the review Weslocke, and for everyone who takes the time to write a review for us, we offer our sincere and heartfelt thanks. Your words help tell others about our products, and that word-of-mouth advertising is great for every publisher from the largest to the smallest!

Mythic Mini 1 cover