Daily Archives: December 13, 2013

Bringing YOU Mythic Oozes TOO!

Our latest product, Mythic Oozes Too, is now available directly from Legendary Games, and will be available in wide release at the beginning of next week. Just for fun, though, we really should share a bit about what horrible things you’ll find within. Some of the delightfully awful abilities show fun connections between monsters, like a mythic giant amoeba’s fissile filth works in counterpoint to a mythic amoeba swarm’s fusion ability or a sorcerous cube’s ability to command other oozes. The brown and dun puddings are specially adapted to their environment rather than simply being different-colored black puddings. And the plasma ooze? Let’s just say getting caught in its plasma furnace is a really bad idea.


For now, though, a table of contents of what you will find within!


CR/MR Creature
2/1 mythic amoeba swarm
2/1 mythic giant amoeba
3/1 mythic garden ooze
5/2 mythic crystal ooze
5/2 mythic frost cube
8/3 mythic brown pudding
9/3 mythic dun pudding
9/3 mythic brain ooze
10/4 mythic cindersmoke ooze
12/5 sonic slime
13/5 mythic sorcerous cube
14/5 mythic carnivorous crystal
20/8 mythic plasma ooze