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Fall Previews #7: Unrighteous Villains… and a Legendary Logue

The first product we created for the Righteous Crusade AP Plug-Ins was a packet of pregenerated characters by Neil Spicer, Righteous HeroesComing soon, it’s the bad guys’ turn, as Legendary Games proudly brings you Unrighteous Villains! Carved from the deepest recesses of blighted hatred, insensate evil, and irrepressible caprice, these villains are richly detailed in personality and motivation, designed to connect with the existing Adventure Path and its primary plotlines but easily portable to any campaign where you need a villain that is over the top and out of the ordinary. These malevolent menaces are brought to you by the fervid imaginations of Todd Stewart, Clinton J. Boomer, and the newest addition to the Legendary team, that estimable emissary of evil himself, Mr. Nick Logue!


Take a peek inside these pages tomorrow, but for now we’ll give you just a tease with this lovely bit of illustration.


Who, or what, is the monstrous Mons-Verix?

Who, or what, is the monstrous Mons-Verix?