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Kickstarters and Superstars and Pirates, OH MY!!!

Our latest interview with Refresh and Reload featured Jason Nelson and Superstar author Matt Goodall talking about the success of this Kickstarter, our current stretch goal to reach $15,000 in the next 36 hours (just over $700 away) and seal the deal on the complete Gothic Horror Campaign Compendium. This interview also featured a discussion of the upcoming Pirate Adventure Path Plug-In series, including Matt Goodall’s upcoming Islands of Plunder, and the five lucky backers at the Creature from the Black Lagoon level who will be working with him to design their own pirate ships, crews, and lonely deserted islands! A look back, a look ahead, and a salute to the fans and friends that have made this project possible.
Check it out on the Refresh and Reload site or right here on Youtube!

200 BACKERS – now onward for more, More, MORE!!!

Thanks to everybody for joining on and getting us to our HeroLab Support goal, and double-plus thanks for getting us FULLY FUNDED!!!!

But why stop there?

It seems perhaps a bit ambitious to hope for 300 backers to add Greg Vaughan’s adventure Feasting at Lanterngeist to the compilation, but we are completists by nature and would love to include it – as well as the last Gothic Grimoire, Omnia Mutandis!

With 48 hours to go, we are going to translate some of our backer goals into cash-money funding goals for everybody. You’ve already seen some of the art previews from Greg Vaughan’s adventure, Feasting at Lanterngeist, on our website here and here. We would love to include this adventure in our compilation, as well as the final Gothic Grimoire, Omnia Mutandis! This will bring the final page count for the Gothic Horror Campaign Compendium to either 256 or 272 pages (pending final layout).

To fund this increase in the size of our book, adding some amazing new content by Greg A. Vaughan and myself, plus fabulous artwork by LG favorites Frank Hessefort, Tanyaporn Sangsnit, and Mike Lowe, we are adding it to our pledge goal at $15,000. You were already going to get a free copy of the first issue of Open Gaming Monthly, 40+ pages of great 3PP content, courtesy of John Reyst at d20pfsrd, but on top of that you can help make this product truly Legendary!

$2000 is not that much for the final two days of our Kickstarter. If you have not already pledged, spread the word and get your friends on board! If you have already pledged, consider adding the $10 Jason signs your book add-on and I will happily sign your book in my fanciest calligraphy! Or go for one of our bonus goals to work with Boomer, Neil, or myself on an upcoming Legendary Games product. We want to make this product truly great, and you deserve to have it all!

Thank you so much for your support in getting us this far. The final days are upon us! Let’s Make this Kickstarter Legendary!