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Coming soon in the Mythic Monsters line

We’ve done several previews now of Mythic Monsters: Demons, which should be available for purchase tomorrow right here on our site, but a number of folks have been asking what’s next in this product line. What indeed?


How many monsters will be in each book? The Mythic Monsters product line will follow a standard format – 12 existing monsters updated to mythic status, plus one brand-new mythic monster, though from time to time we will break that pattern if the theme of a product demands it.

Will all of the monsters in each Mythic Monster be of the same creature type? If you look carefully at the roster of creatures in Mythic Monsters: Demons, you already know the answer, as one of the creatures in this product is not actually a demon at all, the mythic bodak. In some cases, every monster in the book will be of the same type, but if the product’s theme calls for it you may see monsters of several types within, in which case they will be creatures with something else in common other than their type.

Will you still be creating non-mythic monsters? Sure, but they’ll be in their own products, typically as Adventure Path Plug-Ins like the Construct Codex, Coldwood Codex, and Boreal Bestiary, or individual creatures or templates introduced in our other products. This line is exactly what it says on the tin, MYTHIC monsters.

What about [insert my favorite kind of monster here]? Are you doing those guys? We have a goodly pile of Mythic Monsters products nearing completion as we speak. When we get to your favorite monster depends on sales for the rest of the product line. If we see sufficient demand for this product line, you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll get to your favorite sooner or later. In fact, we may go far beyond anything you expect. Suffice to say we have some big plans in the works for this product line. If people show their interest early, there will be a lot to be excited out later.

Okay, so what monsters are you doing next? I’m glad you asked! Right now, the next products in the Mythic Monsters line are these:

1.  Mythic Mounts by Jason Nelson – A departure from the standard format, this product does not include a brand-new monster but includes 20 mythic mounts from the mythic pony and riding dog to the mythic sleipnir, nightmare cauchemar, and advanced roc, along with rules for acquiring and adventuring with a mythic mount as the perfect companion for your mythic character.

2.  Mythic Monsters: Molds, Slimes, and Fungi by Jason Nelson – Yes. Mythic fungus. No, I’m not kidding. From the mythic vegepygmy and slime mold to the mythic mu spore, along with rules for mythic fungal hazards from shriekers to yellow mold.

3.  Mythic Monsters: Inner Planes by Jonathan Keith – Mythic versions of the genie races (and their undead ghul counterparts), along with other inner plane creatures like the mythic mercane and xill, along with rules for interacting with mythic genies.

4.  Mythic Monsters: Oozes by Jason Nelson – Yes. Mythic oozes. No, I’m not kidding here either. You take what could be the most boring and undifferentiated creature type there is and add some mythic magic, and you have some amazingly interesting and varied blobular menaces, from the mythic gelatinous cube to the mythic deathtrap ooze and carnivorous blob, along with rules for using and distilling mythic oozes.

5.  Mythic Monsters: Mythos by Jim Groves, Jonathan Keith, and Jason Nelson – Alien horrors from beyond the stars just got a lot more mind-bendingly awful, from the mythic hound of Tindalos to the mythic shantak and shoggoth, along with updated rules for mythos madness on a mythic level.

6.  Mythic Monsters: Oozes Too by Jason Nelson – I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. Who knew making mythic oozes would be so much fun? This product takes on some of the weirder oozes like the mythic amoeba swarm, brain ooze, and sorcerous cube, with yet more special rules options for mythic oozy goodness.


And that’s just the first half-dozen after Mythic Monsters: Demons. We’ve already sketched out some upcoming themes, including Sea Monsters, Fairy Tale Creatures, Giants, Spirits, and a second Mythos Too to launch after the release of Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 4 later this fall, which promises to have a ton of new mythos goodies in it.


Hopefully you see something you like in the list above, and if not volley in your suggestions for things you’d like to see next. Even if you never use the mythic rules for your players, these monsters can provide an exciting change of pace from the everyday familiar monsters, with abilities that really make them unique and distinct in some very fun ways. We hope you are as excited about the Mythic Monsters line as we are.


What does a mythic demon ability look like?

When the designers now working on the Mythic Monster series for Legendary Games were creating the mythic monsters for the Pathfinder RPG Mythic Adventures hardback, one of our charges for design was to make abilities that were “cinematic” – things that would make great special effects if the monster were in a movie, or that were impressive and impactful in a way that made folks at the table say “WOW”! In the end, however, hardback book publishing is a battle of space, and a lot of those wahoo abilities ended up getting cut from the final turnover because there was just too much good stuff. Also, for good or ill, some of those new abilities were replaced by reprinted abilities from the already-published bestiaries or for seemingly self-explanatory abilities like water breathing, but in a product that is primarily PDF (though we definitely have print plans for this product line down the road), we can be a bit more free with our word count.


Some mythic abilities grant a creature an existing standard monster ability, like rend or trample, or even an ability that is normally a class ability like evasion or sneak attack, or even feats it might not normally be able to use. Some might grant one of the new mythic Universal Monster Rules, like dual initiative or feral savagery. Those abilities are nice and often needed to really make a monster’s mechanics live up to its flavor text, and you will find some of those abilities here, but my directive to all the designers was that at least half (if not more) of the mythic powers should be new, fun, exciting, and ostentatiously mythic.


In some cases, a new mythic power is a jazzed up version of one of the monster’s existing special abilities. Take the ordinary balor’s entangle ability, which is modified as follows:


Dragging Lash (Ex) If a mythic balor strikes a Medium or smaller foe with its whip, it balor can immediately attempt a grapple check without provoking an attack of opportunity. If the balor wins the check, it draws the foe into an adjacent square. The foe gains the grappled condition, but the balor does not. If the target is Large, the balor instead may attempt a drag combat maneuver as a free action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity; a Large target gains the grappled condition only if dragged into an adjacent square. Larger creatures are unaffected. If the target is protected by a spell or spell-like ability (including the effects of magical items) that provide freedom of movement or a similar effect that prevents grappling, a mythic balor can spend one use of its mythic power as a swift action while making this grapple check to use greater dispel magic to negate that effect; this dispelling does not affect other effects. This ability replaces entangle.


In other cases, the ability is entirely new, like this ability for the mythic succubus:


Dark Mistress (Su) A mythic succubus can expend two uses of mythic power as a full round action to force a mortal creature or another demon within 30 feet to fall madly in love with her, as if the creature consumed a philter of love (DC 23 Will negates). The creature’s attitude toward the mythic succubus becomes helpful. If a romantic attraction is possible toward the mythic succubus, the creature falls in love with her. Otherwise, the creature’s love is a platonic adoration. This is a curse effect and is permanent. It cannot be dispelled but can be removed with break enchantment, limited wish, miracle, remove curse, or wish. The save DC is Charisma-based.

Dark_Mistress says, "SEND MORE DEMONS!" We obey, mistress. We obey.

Dark_Mistress says, “SEND MORE DEMONS!” We obey, mistress. We obey.


Mythic Demons revealed!

With this product coming your way next week, perhaps you’d like a look at what’s inside. The initial section of Mythic Monsters: Demonscontains special rules for using mythic demons in your campaign, including the following:


Demonic Bargains

Demonic Possession

Mythic Templates

Mythic Abilities




CR/MR             Creature

2/1                   Mythic Quasit

7/3                   Mythic Babau

7/3                   Mythic Incubus

8/3                   Mythic Shadow Demon

8/3                   Mythic Succubus

10/4                 Mythic Bodak

10/4                 Mythic Nabasu

12/5                 Mythic Kalavakus

13/5                 Mythic Hezrou

16/6                 Mythic Glabrezu

17/7                 Mythic Elite Nabasu

22/9                 Gulgerak

25/10               Mythic Balor


The gulgerak demon is the brainchild of Tom Phillips, a massive demonic war machine in the grand tradition of Gary Gygax’s own goristrobut with a mythic flair all its own. With two heads, no eyes, and sprouting demonic riders like fleas, the gulgerak demon will be terrorizing your players soon. If they live long enough to face its fur, they may not live much longer. Where do gulgeraks come from? Everybody loves baby stories, right? Try this one on for size:

Gulgeraks, also known as siege demons, are titanic creatures used as living war machines. Thankfully rare, gulgeraks form from the souls of thousands of evil warriors that die en masse on a mortal battlefield. When these entangled, continuously fighting souls reach the Abyss, they are absorbed into the raw, protoplasmic flesh of the Abyss and form a massive, scab-like clot that slowly festers even as it grows. Certain powerful demon lords have learned how to extract and incubate these disgusting fleshy globs and instill in them a terrible demonic hunger and thirst for war. Under constant cultivation, these putrescent masses eventually form enormous boils of writhing demon-flesh. Finally, after several millennia, a fully formed gulgerak bursts forth, ready for battle.

No wonder they're so vicious. With a birth narrative like that, you would be too!

No wonder they’re so vicious. With a birth narrative like that, you would be too!