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Introducing the Mythic Monsters line from Legendary Games!

This supplement is just one part of a larger resource for every gamemaster who would like to try out the new mythic rules but might feel a bit intimidated by the huge amount of conversion work. The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Mythic Adventures hardback contains a wealth of new rules, but in one book there cannot be room for everything, especially when it comes to monsters. That book contains some of the iconic monsters of myth and legend and RPG history, transformed into a mythic rules format. The published monsters demonstrate that a “mythic monster” does not need to be an ultra-powerful death machine – you can have mythic monsters from CR 1 to CR 30 and all points in between – but there are less than 50 monsters in the book. They are all classics, to be sure, but the game has evolved and there are so many more. That is where the Mythic Monsters series from Legendary Games comes in.


What you won’t find inside this product are individual monster illustrations. You already have them. Fantastic, glorious illustrations for every monster in every bestiary. You also won’t find descriptive text for these monsters. You already have that too. Every mythic monster could be an elder of its kind, specially blessed or cursed by the gods, a noble lord or powerful champion, the last remnant of a mightier primeval race, a singular being unto itself, or perhaps a newly evolved master race looking to supplant the ordinary beings of its ilk that came before. To repeat these narratives for every monster, with slight variations, would be redundant. You can create the perfect origin story and background for mythic versions of ordinary monsters that fits precisely with your world. What you need are the stats, 100% crunch, and that is what Mythic Monsters delivers.


The Mythic Monsters series contains updated mythic stat blocks for every creature combined with innovative, exciting, and cinematic mythic abilities that clearly set these monsters apart from the ordinary. Monsters that leave your players saying “What was THAT?” Monsters that leave them feeling like mythic heroes when they triumph, whatever their level. Every issue brings you mythic versions of 12 monsters you already know and love, all tied together by a creature type or theme, plus one all-new mythic monster you’ve never seen before, with its own illustration, description, and lore! On top of that, each product contains a section of lore and special rules for the type of mythic monsters contained within its pages. All of this is brought to you by expert designers like Jonathan Keith, Tom Phillips, Jim Groves, Ben Bruck, Russ Taylor, and yours truly, who know the mythic monster rules like no one else because we are the same authors that created most of the mythic monsters in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Mythic Adventures.


Our first product in this line, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, is Mythic Monsters: Demons by Tom Phillips, available next Monday from Legendary Games, but that, my friends, is just the beginning. More info on that product and upcoming releases in the Mythic Monsters line coming this weekend!

Dark_Mistress says, "SEND MORE DEMONS!" We obey, mistress. We obey.

Dark_Mistress says, “SEND MORE DEMONS!” We obey, mistress. We obey.


Lucky number 13

I think folks are right, 663 would be overkill. And while there is no kill like OVERkill, especially for demons, what would be a good number. Since demons pretty much exist in opposite day compared to the rest of the universe, whatever you like they probably hate, and whatever you hate they probably like, so I figure for demons 13 is probably a lucky number. But which 13? To whom could we go for advice?


A little-known fact about Legendary Games is that when we were first developing our logo, before we settled on the bloody sword of legends, is that we considered going with a succubus for our logo. True story. Maybe Dark_Mistress is still around to offer some advice. Oh, wait, here she is. And look, she has a friend…

Dark_Mistress, ready to hit the town

Dark_Mistress, ready to hit the town