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663 demons?

That DOES seem like kind of a lot of demons. Maybe there aren’t really that many. After all, some entire species of demons might have gotten devoured by this guy. And the survivors just started clinging to his back like bloodthirsty demonic ticks and fleas, driven into a kill-crazy rampage of slaughter. Well, kill-craziER, perhaps. These are demons after all. I think that’s a small mountain on the side of the picture for scale.

Bad Dog! er... Demon... thing... ABOMINATION!!!

Bad Dog! er… Demon… thing… ABOMINATION!!!


Mythic rules and demons? Is that a thing now?

So I heard Paizo is putting out this new Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path, about valiant crusaders fighting back an invasion of demons bent on world domination, total destruction of all fluffy bunnies and puppies everywhere, and WORSE! That does sound pretty cool, especially since they are planning on using these brand-new “mythic rules” from their new Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Mythic Adventures rulebook.


I mean, demons are cool.

And being a mythic hero is cool.

And fighting mythic demons is cool.

But you know what’s not cool?


The fact that the new rules only have rules for THREE mythic demons. Aren’t there, like, 666 different kinds of demons? What about those guys? That seems like a problem.


Somebody should do something about that, dontcha think? Just sayin…


Beasts of Legend: Boreal Bestiary now available!

Available now exclusively from the Legendary Games estore – get yours today! This product contains an array of creatures from CR 1 to CR 17, designed by Jason Nelson, Tim Hitchcock, and Matt Goodall, including the following:


Arctic Harpspider – a CR 4 outsider that spins webs of ice with hypnotic harmonics

Green Child – a CR 5 undead that attack in nightmare-inducing anguished mobs

Gruen – a CR 1 fey that is a hideous amalgam of mite and vermin

Hiisi – a CR 16 monstrous humanoid who is a cunning trapster with dead magic in his veins

Maniitok – a CR 17 ooze that is the living tundra itself, raging against the spread of so-called civilization

Orruol – a CR 10 fey that is the cool, pitiless, and aloof spirit of the mountains

Polevik – a CR 14 fey that is a sinister slasher, strangler, and harvester of souls

Torden – a CR 3 monstrous humanoid with a CR 7 huntmaster leader, heartless hunters of the cold woods mounted on ravening winter wolves

Vodenjak – a CR 6 creepy ferryman who will bargain for passage, for aid, or to make your dreams become reality, but it may cost you your soul

Wiitikowan – a template conferring the cruel hunger and bloodthirsty madness of the wendigo, with three sample templated creatures CR 3-6


Stay frosty!  And keep your eyes out for an announcement of MYTHIC PROPORTIONS from Legendary Games!

Boreal Bestiary cover