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The covers for Ultimate Battle and Ultimate War will blow your mind

Tim Kings-Lynne, the artist that has brought you the artwork on some fabulous favorites from Legendary Games’ past like Under Frozen Stars and Beyond the Void, has outdone himself and then some with the work he’s done on these two mass combat supplements. I’ve had the Ultimate Battle cover for a while, and it will blow your doors clean off, but for Ultimate War it’s like some kind of contest having with us as far as which piece will win the bare-knuckles, no-holds-barred awesomeness showdown for the cover on a product that deals with all manner of unconventional warfare, where the battle is not just about two armies facing off on the field and bashing each other senseless.


As the Ultimate Battle looms on the horizon for release THIS WEEK, we just want to give you a little foretaste of the companion product that’s coming in September. You can use either one by itself, but both together will be AMAZING. How amazing? Think about it this way. This is one piece of art that ISN’T going to be the cover illustration. And it is AWESOME.

FIRE, ye black-hearted bilge rats!

FIRE, ye black-hearted bilge rats!


Comments enabled on Legendary Games!

After a good bit of troubleshooting with the website, I have finally uncovered the conflicting plug-ins that were blocking comments on our website. Starting NOW, you can actually leave comments on product pages, announcements, and anywhere else you like. Please do come by and try out the new functionality as we catch up with the 21st century, and if you encounter any problems email me at!


Two more 5-star reviews for Legendary Games – Conquering Heroes!

The beat goes on, in a very good way, at Legendary Games! The latest offering in Neil Spicer’s Heroes line, Conquering Heroes, continues in the footsteps of its esteemed predecessors, Imperial Heroes and Gothic Heroes, with two 5-star reviews! Check out the review from Endzeitgeist (Thilo Graf) and from Endy and Devastation Bob over at


I have to say that I used these pregens for my Horns of the Hunted special preview event at PaizoCon 2013, leveled up to 6th following the guidelines Neil outlined for each character, and the players had a blast with them. The characters are terrific, their backstories rich and layered, the art by Hugo Solis exquisite. If you haven’t picked up a copy, what are you waiting for? Go get it!

KB03-Conquering Heroes-1


WE’RE HAVING A SALE! It’s Christmas in July!

Christmas is my favorite holiday, but it’s so far away! You want a sale RIGHT NOW, am I right? Fortunately, Santa Cranial Dissectiboticlaus is right here to give it to you!  Christmas is a time of magic and mystery, so every one of our products that deals with mysterious magical books is 25% off! Of course, for some folks Christmas is all about the loot, so every treasure-filled adventure is also 25% off! This sale is running right here at Legendary Games as well as on shop.d20pfsrd and DrivethruRPG, starting tomorrow on July 21 and running through July 28. Don’t miss it!


Just enter the coupon code ChristmasJuly25, and you can cash in on 25% savings on all of the following products:


Loot-filled Adventures!

Gothic AP Plug-Ins: The Fiddler’s Lament and The Murmuring Fountain

Far East AP Plug-Ins: Under Frozen Stars, The Baleful Coven, and Road to Destiny

Kingdom-Building AP Plug-Ins: Cold Mountain


Magical and Mysterious Books!

Gothic AP Plug-Ins: The Mad Doctor’s Formulary, Cultic Cryptomancia, Tomes of Arcane Knowledge, Beyond the Void, Treasury of the Macabre, and ALL FIVE of our Gothic Grimoires!

Far East AP Plug-Ins: Meditations of the Imperial Mystics


Faerie Passions NOW AVAILABLE!

With all the flurry of activity around the new Ultimate Rulership print edition, you didn’t think that was the only product we had going, did you? Hardly! Legendary Games is proud to present the delightful Faerie Passions for your purchasing pleasure! The Legendary debut for Russ Taylor and Todd Stewart, Faerie Passions takes you deep within the mind and heart of the fey, exploring what makes them tick as creatures, how and why they interact with mortals, how the offspring of fey and mortal are seen by both sides, and of course some terrifically fun character options for players too, including five new sorcerer bloodlines and two new character archetypes. Available now exclusively from Legendary Games, and available next week in wide release through our partner sites at Paizo, shop.d20pfsrd, and DrivethruRPG. Get yours TODAY!

Asking her out might be a bad idea...

Asking her out might be a bad idea…


Ultimate Rulership Print Edition is LIVE once more – and FREE stuff at Paizo!

When we posted up our free download for the Ultimate Rulership Building Tiles, we thought “What could be easier?” Several glitches later, they are available again, this time from our friends at or by email directly from us at! Better still, the Ultimate Rulership Print Edition is now available once again at the CreateSpace store for your printed book pleasure! While the CreateSpace store is our preferred print-on-demand source for your purchase, as they charge the lowest fee by far, if for whatever reason you are unable to use that store you can also purchase the book through and


We should have copies of the book available right here at, and if you are attending GenCon Indy 2013, you can look for the Ultimate Rulership Print Edition at the Paizo booth in the 3PP section!


Thanks for your patience with a few tiny bumps in the road to Rulership! We’ve learned a lot from doing our first print product, and our second should not be too far away, as Ultimate Battle looms just around the corner!



Ultimate Rulership Building Tiles available FREE on DrivethruRPG

Computers and the internet are funny things. Some folks have been able to download our Building Tiles, some have not. If you’ve gotten them, great! If not, DANG IT!  It may be an issue with Paypal not processing a payment for $0.00, so it may be that if you add the tiles to an order where you’re buying something else then there’s no problem. That would be great with us if you’d like to buy another product, but if you’d just like to get the tiles right now there is a simple solution: Post it up somewhere else! To that end, if you have trouble downloading them from us, go right over to our friends at DrivethruRPG and download it there!


Updated PDF for Ultimate Rulership now available – and a FREE DOWNLOAD

We have updated the files for the Ultimate Rulership print edition to incorporate the additional text we added to the print version (information that in the PDF version had been accessed by web links), and those files are now available for YOU. If you purchased your copy of Ultimate Rulership directly from us, those files have been emailed to you directly. If you purchased your copy through our partners at shop.d20pfsrd,, or DrivethruRPG/RPGNow, the new files have been uploaded to each of those sites and you should be receiving notice from them soon (if you have not already) that the updated files are available for re-download. We hope you continue to enjoy this product and that you are looking forward to its upcoming sequels and all the other amazing products we create to help Make Your Game Legendary!


But wait, that’s not all! In addition, for your downloading pleasure, you can now download a separate sheet of delghtful full-color building tiles by artist Mike Lowe, the same artist who provided the rest of the interior art for Ultimate Rulership. This is a exclusive, available only right here!  Enjoy!