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Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

Ultimate Rulership continues its rampaging reign as the #1 3rd-party download on for a third consecutive week. We are delighted by the fan reaction to this product and hope people are looking forward to the upcoming companion product, Ultimate War. We’ll be previewing some of the content you’ll find in that product soon, and it should be moving towards completion soon.

Meanwhile, we wanted to send a quick shoutout to Valantrix1 and redcelt32 on the Paizo boards for their thoughtful and very complimentary posts. Valantrix says: “Yes, the price point on Legendary Games offerings are higher than some other 3rd party companies, but it’s worth every penny. Every time I have purchased one of their products, I have been completely satisfied in the end with what I bought.” Redcelt says, “the writers I have seen working on LG products do top quality work. They have written some of my favorite adventures, and contributed to some truly excellent Paizo products. I realize that not everyone has free entertainment money to spend on gaming material. However, you don’t go into a Mercedes dealership and quibble over the pricetag. The level of excellence that I see these days from folks like Paizo, Legendary Games, Fire Mountain Games, Alluria Press, and quite a few others, was unheard of even in 3.x days. Paizo set a new standard, and some are rising to meet it. I am loving this new era of amazing adventure writing and truly excellent art and campaign material.” Thanks guys.

Redcelt32 mentions the idea of 3PPs raising the bar, and at Legendary Games we are certainly committed to doing just that. Lest you think we’re content with just making the most amazing products we know how, stay tuned, as next Wednesday we’ll be making an announcement that is going to kick that bar up to a whole nother level.


Not sure about Ultimate Rulership? Check out Open Gaming Monthly #4!

For the discerning GM who wants to do his or her due diligence before plunking down 10 hard-earned dollars on a product, you can get a nice peek inside the covers of Ultimate Rulership in the latest issue of Open Gaming Monthly! Expand your kingdom events and settlement attributes with the rules in this article, and if you like what you see by all means come by and pick up the full version right here on our site or at your friendly neighborhood d20pfsrd store!

Also, for those of you who just love the feel of a print book in your hand, keep your eyes peeled for the Ultimate Rulership Deluxe Print Edition, available soon for Print On Demand through CreateSpace and!


Still the One!

Ultimate Rulership continues its reign as the #1 3PP download at for another week, picking up a 5-star review by Eric Hinkle along the way, who calls it one of the “very best expansions for a game of PC rulers” and “worth every penny you’ll pay for it.” See his review for his more detailed breakdown of what you’ll find inside!

Meanwhile, don’t forget about our amazing Anniversary Sale going on through this Friday: 40% off EVERY PRODUCT we produced prior to 2013, plus the fantastic adventure Cold Mountain from our Kingbreaker AP Plug-Ins line. Get yours now before these low prices are gone!

Mike Lowe - Royal Regalia - LG edit2


Legendary Games Anniversary Sale!

In honor of our 1st anniversary since our relaunch last July 1st, we’re getting the party started early by partnering with for an amazing one-week sale! Get 40% off any of our products that we released in 2011, plus we wanted to include at least one product from our new Kingbreaker Adventure Path Plug-Ins, so we threw in the epic Cold Mountain adventure just because!

The sale begins at midnight tonight on d20pfsrd, which is a vendor we love since of all of our sales partners they take the smallest cut.  Of course, not to be outdone we are offering the same 40% discount on the same products on our site. Just use the coupon code Anniversary40 and take 40% off on a baker’s dozen of amazing products from Legendary Games. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I’ve heard Legendary Games makes cool stuff, but they’re just too expensive,” now is your chance to find out what all the buzz is about. Get your discount on any or all of the following products:

1. Treasury of the Macabre

2.  Gothic Heroes

3.  The Murmuring Fountain

4.  The Fiddler’s Lament

5.  Tomes of Arcane Knowledge

6.  Construct Codex

7.  Under Frozen Stars

8.  The Baleful Coven

9.  The Way of Ki

10.  Meditations of the Imperial Mystics

11.  Gothic Grimoires: The Necrotic Verses

12.  Gothic Grimoires: On the Inverse Calculus of Unseen Refraction

13.  Cold Mountain

Get em while they’re hot, because after the 28th this deal is OVER! Don’t miss it!



The Ultimates are coming!

Work continues apace on Ultimate War, the hotly anticipated follow-up to the smash hit Ultimate Rulership, and should be on target for July release. But lest you think your opportunities for new ultimate goodness stop there, just wait! I’ve just turned over the expanded manuscript for the Ulimate Rulership Deluxe Print Edition! This marks a new venture for Legendary Games as our very first print product, and we are very excited to continue expanding our opportunities to provide you with the very best 3PP support material out there. You may have some questions about this, so…

What do you mean “expanded”? In a PDF product designed to be used on an electronic device, you can use external hyperlinks to connect to rules in the online Pathfinder Reference Document or That doesn’t work in a print product, so we needed to incorporate those open-source rule elements directly into the product, especially in the section describing settlement attributes.

Is there any actual NEW material?  Besides the expansions listed above, in response to popular demand artist Mike Lowe is creating a full set of new building tiles/counters for each of the new buildings we introduced in Ultimate Rulership to use with the district grid and counters provided in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Campaign.

What if I’ve already bought the PDF? How will I get that new material?  Once the new files are ready for upload, you’ll be able to re-download them from,, or DrivethruRPG. If you bought directly from us on our site, the files will be emailed to you directly.

When will it be available?  Early July, hopefully in time to bring print copies to PaizoCon July 5-7.

How much will it cost?  To be determined once the final laid-out page count and print cost are finalized.  We also intend to set up a discounted bundle package price for selling the PDF and print version together.

Where can I get the print version?  We are planning to use CreateSpace to create these print-on-demand products, which means the easiest way to buy our print version will be directly through the store and through  We may also purchase a stock of print copies to sell through our website and/or through our partner vendors.

Map and Inkpot - LG edit with boundries


What’s New with Legendary Games at PaizoCon!

If you are attending this year’s PaizoCon, consider this your invitation to sit in on a conversation with the minds behind Legendary Games, Sunday morning, July 7th, 9:00-10:00, Evergreen Ballroom F!

We’ll be discussing our existing product lines and our planned and potential product lines and specific products for the future. Our panelists will include Neil Spicer, Tim Hitchcock, Matt Goodall, Jim Groves, yours truly, and Russ Taylor, a veritable cavalcade of superstars (winners and finalists) and stalwart contributors to the Pathfinder RPG we all know and love.

This is a chance for you to be among the very first to hear about some of the fantastic new products we’ll have rolling out before the end of summer. This is also your chance to pick our brains and weigh in with your thoughts on some of our product concepts and ideas, including which Adventure Paths most need the Legendary treatment… or whether we should leave all that behind and try something really out of this world!

Of course, since we’ve never been above offering shameless bribes, we can also guarantee that every attendee will leave our panel with some Legendary swag, and one lucky fan will be taking home something double-extra-secret and VERY cool.

See you Sunday morning!

P.S. You can now follow us on twitter @LegendaryGamesJ for the latest announcements and news about LG!


Ultimate Rulership is #1

Already our bestselling first-month product ever (knocking long-reigning champ The Way of Ki from its perch), Ultimate Rulership has ascended to the top of another list as well. It is currently the #1 download among all 3PP products on!

I should point out that it is not alone in the rankings either, as Conquering Heroes from Neil Spicer is holding down the #6 slot.

Thanks to all of the fans of Legendary Games for your support and your great word of mouth. Please take the time to write a review on whatever site you purchased it (or on, if you bought directly from us). I’m hopeful to have reviews and message boards set up here on our site by the end of the month, but in the meanwhile our thanks to you and our continued hope that every product we produce helps Make Your Game Legendary!



Road to Destiny now available!

They say that all roads must end, but they must also begin somewhere, and that place is here and the time is right now. A long-simmering cauldron of awesome is about to bubble over, and here it is: Road to Destiny! Courtesy of superstar author Jim Groves, superstar cartographer Pedro Coelho, and fan-favorite artist Jason Juta, Road to Destiny is a perfect low-level adventure as part of or apart from the Far East Adventure Path. Jim has skilfully woven challenges of thought and skill into his adventure, right alongside the need for sword and spell. Jim has included notes for playing with a modified version of the caravan rules for the AP or for playing without them, as well as numerous helpful sidebars explaining questions of rules and plot that are likely to arise.

This product has been long in the making. Time to rise and shine and let the sun light your path!

JR06-Road to Destiny