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High marks for Spellbones of the Devourer

Another top review for Legendary Games by Endzeitgeist just posted up on his new review website. His reviews are always very detailed and thoughtful, and if you haven’t yet visited his new site you should check it out. There are METRIC TONS of terrific reviews for all manner of 3PP product there, some favorable, some not so much, but always with in-depth analysis. Check out his review for the Spellbones here.

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Plans are hatching at Legendary Games

While Legendary Games has been a bit quiet in the first part of April, especially after our best sales month ever in March, it is but the quiet before the storm. A storm of PURE GAMING AWESOMENESS. Our double-sized adventure Cold Mountain is in the final stages of map preparation and then will be ready for layout and completion. Tim Hitchcock and I are hard at work on a gruesome compilation of deadly monsters. But sliding to the front of the line is likely to be the latest exploration of cosmic horror for your Pathfinder game, Beyond the Void!

While originally planned as the latest in our series of Gothic Grimoires, this product just kept growing in scope and imagination, blossoming into a full-sized compilation of mindwarping awfulness. With new rules and options especially for alchemists, summoners, and wizards, whether calling out to unspeakable horrors from the farthest stars or delving antediluvian ruins now sunken beneath the waves, Beyond the Void promises to be an indispensable addition to any horror-themed adventure or campaign. Available exclusively right here at next week, and then in wide release through our other sales partners after that.

Oh, they're so cute when they're little. Who's a cute little eldritch abomination? You are! Yes you are!

Oh, they’re so cute when they’re little. Who’s a cute little eldritch abomination? You are! Yes you are!


Somewhere… Beyond the Void… Somewhere, waiting for YOU!

We’ve done a number of previews of our double-sized adventure Cold Mountain, which will kick off our Kingbreaker Adventure Path Plug-Ins line and is well along into cartography and review and should hopefully be ready by the end of next week, but lest you think we are putting all our eggs in one basket, fear not! Many projects are steadily churning along and should be ready later this month or early next, but near the front of the line comes the sixth in our hit series of Gothic Grimoires: Beyond the Void!

Continuing our exploration of the creepier corners of the magical universe, Beyond the Void details those secrets man was not meant to know, unfortunately (and perhaps even unknowingly) unlocked by dangerously curious researchers and crazed cultists of the ancient and eldritch entities that live in the dark places behind, between, and beyond the farthest stars. With alchemist discoveries like aberrant mutagen, extra tentacles, and mutation bomb, spells like discharge eyespore and fade from existence, and character archetypes and monstrous templates both alien and embryonic, Beyond the Void takes cosmic horror to a whole new (far) realm of Legendary awesomeness.


Then again, if you're not in your right mind, this book probably looks verrrrrry interesting!

Then again, if you’re not in your right mind, this book probably looks verrrrrry interesting!


Best. Month. EVER!!!

Just wanted to send a shout-out to all of the fans of Legendary Games to thank them for making March our best month of sales ever. Not by a narrow margin, either; we DEMOLISHED our previous sales records. Not just one hit product carrying the mail, either. Sales were strong across the board, with old products and new, with our longer products and our entire line of shorter Gothic Grimoires. Strong word of mouth and great reviews are the heart of our company’s success, though we are also happy and excited to continue expanding your options for getting to our product. Last month was our best month ever on, including a very successful Tabletop Day one-day sale on March 30th. We were also excited to launch our own webstore this month, and we hope that more and more of our fans will consider making us their first stop for Legendary Games product. With the opportunity to get early access to products through our site before you can get them anywhere else, and in buying here you can cash in on discounts on our product available nowhere else!

With that, we look forward to an amazing April. We’ve shown you several previews for Cold Mountain, our first offering in the Kingbreaker Adventure Path Plug-Ins. In final layout and cartography now, it should be available for you by next week. It represents an evolutionary step for Legendary Games, as it will be the largest product we’ve ever done. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Additional previews are coming soon, but first, a tiny foretaste of something Tim Hitchcock and I are working on. Sssssslithering your way sssssooonnnnn….


Artwork courtesy of Tanyaporn Sangsnit.

Artwork courtesy of Tanyaporn Sangsnit.

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