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Spring Preview #4: Beyond the Bright Veil… a new member of the team

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the Kingbreaker Adventure Path is the strong presence of the fey, especially in the early and latter phases of the AP. Not so much in the middle… though we are looking to change that with some of our amazing upcoming plug-ins!

There’s a lot more to an Adventure Path than adventures, though, and the presence of the fey is hardly limited to that AP. One of the great strengths of our AP Plug-Ins is that, while ideally suited for use with a particular AP (or several of them), they have broad applicability and usefulness for any campaign featuring the same design themes. It goes without saying that many campaigns make liberal use of the fey. Heck, the first 3rd Edition campaign I ever played in was one run by Julia Martin over at the WotC offices based on the setting of Diane Duane’s Tale of the Five series, which at least in Julia’s interpretation of the Middle Kingdoms had a very heavy fey presence. Whether it’s called the Bright Lands or the Fey Realms or the First World or Fair Lands or simply Faerie, the places inhabited by the fey and that feel their touch are places of mystery, majesty, and magic.

Describing the amazing richness of alternate planes and dimensions for the Pathfinder RPG requires a special talent, and it was with this project in mind that I introduce the latest addition to the Legendary Team, Todd Stewart. I worked with Todd on the Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting, Osirion: Land of the Pharaohs, and on developing the proteans race of chaos-shaping outsiders for The Great Beyond (and their stat blocks in the Legacy of Fire AP and Bestiary 2), usually with me as the crunchy stat arm and Todd as the weaver of glorious flavor text.

When we were planning the products we wanted to do for the Kingbreaker AP (which Todd also worked on, telling us everything we ever wanted to know (and plenty we didn’t) about the “Ecology of the Boggard”), I knew we wanted to delve more deeply into the influence of the fey upon the world. If you’ve followed the evolution of Paizo’s game world, you know like I do that Todd is absolutely the best man for the job.

Want proof? Check out tomorrow’s preview when we take YOU Beyond the Bright Veil.


Spring Previews #3: Coldwood Codex

In the immortal words of Paul Harvey: And now…. the reeeeeeeeeeest of the story. 🙂

Faleich-wyrm (CR 16 undead)

This terrifying monstrosity has the appearance of a rotting 40-foot-long snake with a dragon’s head and wickedly clawed forearms. It slithers forth on its great serpentine body, slashing and gnashing in a wild, maddened frenzy.

Naekk (CR 7 fey (aquatic, shapechanger))

A lithe humanoid with pale green skin and long hair the color of moss splashes in the water, smiling and trilling a lilting, melodious tune. Its lower body tapers into a long, slender eel-like tail the color of a muddy, algae-slicked log.

Slough (+2 CR undead template; sample creature CR 14)

The overwhelming stench of decay surrounds this gristly walking corpse. Adorned in the jewelry and headdress of an ancient shaman and tattooed with druidic symbols, the creature’s undead flesh rots and peels from its bones.

Totemoq (CR 3 fey (cold))

Floating within a miniature blizzard is a strange nearly disembodied face, resembling an aboriginal ceremonial mask of polished wood and bone, surrounded by a beaded and braided fringe. Cold blue light gleams in its dark eyeholes, and a barely visible emaciated body the size of a doll’s flutters in the wind behind the mask, shrouded in a tattered, diaphanous robe.

Ugrohter (CR 5 undead)

Propping itself upon what appears to be a giant scalpel with a heavy wooden mallet and a sack of bloody, barbed needles and tacks slung over its shoulder, this pixie-like creature grins wickedly though its cold grey eyes lie sunken and dead in its withered skull. Bloated maggots slither in and out of its greenish, rotting flesh and cling to its spindly limbs.

If you’ve been paying close attention, you’ve already seen preview images for the totemoq by Jason Juta just a few days ago, and the faleich-wyrm by Tanyaporn Sangsnit back at the beginning of April, when we announced our best sales month ever for March and released that image as a bonus. This time, we’re going to introduce you to one of the newest artists in the Legendary stable, Steve Wood, who presents for your delectation and delightment the sneaky and sinister ugrohter!


Look for our next spring preview on Monday!


Spring Preview #2: Coldwood Codex

Welcome to the next in our preview series ushering in our new line of Kingbreaker Adventure Path Plug-Ins (though fans of our other lines fear not – yet more products are on the way for those as well!). Yesterday we teased you a bit with the creatures to come, including an amazing illustration by Jason Juta of the mysterious totemoq, but it’s time for a roll call, with a bit of descriptive text to whet your appetite for the horrors to come!

Amadan (CR 13 fey, aquatic and water subtypes)

A smallish, stunted humanoid stands before you, its hairless flesh sloshing liquidly in uncountable jowls and folds, while a sagging pannus nearly hides its tiny webbed feet from view. Its rheumy eyes glare malevolently above a drooping mouth filled with hundreds of needle-sharp teeth, while rivulets of clotted tears run down every crease. Its mottled, pasty skin is everywhere beaded and slicked with blood-tinged sweat that drips constantly from every pore.

Bokereyder (CR 2 monstrous humanoid)

Disturbingly, this short and slender creature resembles a human bred with a goat. Curved horns spout from his brow and an unnerving stare emanates from his eerie rectangular pupils.

Barrow Wight (CR 11 undead)

This deathless warrior stands arrayed in the faded finery of a darkling prince of old, eyes burning with lambent hate from the shadows of its great helm. It brandishes a wickedly curved blade in a practiced battle stance, while an occasional rattling breath escapes its timorous lungs in shuddering memory of life now corrupted, a misty exhalation bearing only the chill and stink of the grave.

Boreal Wight (CR 4 undead)

This withered corpse is little more than a ragged skeleton grown through with thorn-vines and creepers, encrusted in mossy soil, shards of bone and horn, and wet clumps of evergreen needles. The fell light in its eyes, however, speaks of a burning hatred for the living as it creeps stealthily into view.

Chernobog (CR 18 fey)

Hunched as if ready to pounce, the red eyes of this huge beast-like giant glares forth from a raw, fleshy face resembling a skinned grizzly bear fitted with jagged, cruel-looking stag’s horns. Thick cables of muscle wind around shoulders sprouting huge and leathery bat-like wings.

And that’s just HALF of the monsters in this product! We’ll give you the others tomorrow, but in the meanwhile we’d be remiss if we didn’t include another of the awesome illustrations we have waiting for you, once again courtesy of the mighty pen of Jason Juta. Behold, the CHERNOBOG!
chernobog final

Cold Mountain looming, and the Coldwood Codex… UNMASKED!!!

People have been asking for a while what new products we might expect in support of what we are calling the Kingbreaker Adventure Path (surely not intended to rhyme with any existing AP name, of course). We have extensively previewed Cold Mountain, a fantastic fey-themed adventure for 4th-level characters that represents something of a departure for Legendary Games. Our products up until now have been of a fairly consistent size and price point – $4.99 for our standard products, $2.49 for our smaller Gothic Grimoires. Cold Mountain is by far the biggest adventure we have done to date, twice the word count of Under Frozen Stars and The Baleful Coven and almost triple the length of The Murmuring Fountain and The Fiddler’s Lament. With sumptuous artwork by Frank Hessefort and lavish maps by ENnie-award-winner Todd Gamble, Cold Mountain promises to be an unforgettable addition to your Kingbreaker campaign, or to any campaign where your heroes might venture forth into wild lands of the savage frontier. Available for purchase this weekend exclusively at Legendary Games for $9.99!

But what else are we making for Kingbreaker? We’ve given a few teases in the past, but time to peek behind the curtain and get ready to roll out. Following hot on the heels of Cold Mountain comes the Coldwood Codex, the second bestiary product from Legendary Games. The Construct Codex has gotten consistently great reviews and people asked us then when we were going to make another product like it. Wait no longer! This product introduces 10 delightfully deadly creatures perfect to inhabit any cool, misty, and mysterious woodland campaign. Drawn from folklore and the fevered imaginations of award-winning authors Tim Hitchcock and Jason Nelson, ranging in CR from 2 to 18, this codex has monsters for every taste, with fey, monstrous humanoids, and undead from bokereyder to boreal wight and chernobog to totemoq. More previews to come!totemoq final


Salute the Heroes! Imperial style, that is.

Another ringing 5-star endorsement for Neil Spicer’s amazing Imperial Heroes, courtesy of Endzeitgeist. He calls the full-color character illustrations by Tanyaporn Sangsnit, Frank Hessefort, and Colby Stevenson “GLORIOUS and on par with Paizo-levels of awesomeness” and reviews all eight of the characters contained herein. His conclusion:

Wow. Author Neil Spicer has created quite an array of compelling, unique characters that would not only work well as PCs, but also as NPCs – even if you don’t plan on using these as PCs, their characters and awesome artworks mean that most DMs will find some ways of making these compelling additions to their campaigns. Now, I would have really loved form-fillable versions of the characters that allow them to be printed out as a sheet and upgraded/modified at higher levels, but one can’t have everything, I guess. That being said, this collection of pregens leaves almost nothing to be desired, is iconic and cool and the inclusion of a goblin ninja is glorious. Even Ulfen barbarians and Varisian wizards get their own, very distinct spin that immerses them in a given setting and the ties to the Jade Regent storyline mean that I can happily and wholeheartedly give this a final verdict of 5 stars – not only for those interested in running Jade Regent.

Get yours today!



Beyond the Void now in wide release!

That’s right, in case you missed out on early purchase here at, the latest from Legendary Games is now available at d20pfsrd,, and DrivethruRPG/RPGNow. Of course, we’d still love for you to buy directly from us (just hit the Shop Now! link above), but wherever you get it, you gotta get your recommended daily allowance of MIND-SHATTERING COSMIC HORROR today!

CC15-Beyond the Void


Another 5-star seal of approval for “To Serve a Prince Undying”

The latest in our Gothic Grimoires series, To Serve a Prince Undying, has been winning the hearts of fans and critics alike. The latest to chime in with a ringing endorsement is the illustrious Endzeitgeist.

This grimore is an interesting tractate that ideologically serves as a justification for adhering strictly to an amoral chain of command under an immortal god-king. As such, it has the potential of inciting a psychosis that makes you Lawful evil, and as a grand innovation, offers us also an expertly-written excerpt from the pages of the tome.

Mechanically, he praises the integration of a wide variety of options for antipaladins, cavaliers, inquisitors, ninjas, and rogues, ranging from judgments to vows, from mind-control drugs to mystical powers of ki and spells, all forming “a grand web of complex and cool mechanics.”

The Gothic Grimoire-series kicks onward with yet another all killer, no filler offering, doing extremely smart things with the rules – the way judgments and ki-points are linked and modified, how the new abilities modify what’s there is smart, cool and awesome in every way conceivable.

You can read his full review on his website.

Place your right hand on the book, and solemnly swear...

Place your right hand on the book, and solemnly swear…



Evolution is a natural process

Mutation and the bending of the genomic strands traces the past and shapes the future. So it is with life, and so it is sometimes with products. It turns out that mutation started to take on a life of its own, and to that end I must report that the Deviant (wizard archetype) and a few of his little friends have migrated from the pages of Beyond the Void and will be sliding into a new Gothic Grimoire of their own, so that they can be suitably expanded and enhanced with fiendish flavoricity.

And yet, we wouldn’t want to leave you preview-less, here on the cusp of Beyond the Void’s release into reality. To that end, in the final revisions we would be remiss not to mention the ultravision ability of the Iridic Mage (wizard archetype). In talking about the Deviant’s archetypal brethren, the Bathynaut (alchemist archetype). A daring explorer of the dark and dangerous deeps, the Bathynaut adapts himself to the life aquatic through discovery and tinkering with technomagical mechanisms. Some tools of the trade you have surely seen before, but you may be intrigued to know that the following discoveries complement the Bathynaut: aquatic mutagen*, cognatogen, concussion bomb, deep diver*, delayed bomb, demolition charge, depth charge*, homing torpedo*, mine*, tentacle, torpedo*, underwater demolition. (* New discovery described in this product.)

And last, but surely not least, our friend the Alienist (summoner archetype) feels like he really needs some new playmates. Longtime fans of Legendary Games may remember one of our earliest adventures featured the birth of an alien THING right in the midst of a seemingly innocuous ghost story. It turned out that just because the crazy madman was paranoid didn’t mean they really WEREN’T out to get him. Thus was birthed the first embryonic neh-thalggu, which was a delightfully horrible creature but at heart a jury-rigged nonesuch. Until now.  As we’ve mentioned before, Beyond the Void contains two new templates. One is relatively simple, for adapting ordinary creatures into unnatural and alien perversions of their normal selves. The embryonic template takes that several steps further, by turning alien monstrosities into miniature parasitic horrors with all the demented hungers of their adult selves in a half-formed ball of tiny terror. The template has some complexity to it, so to help ease the process of introducing these crimes against sanity to your campaign, we provide you with FOUR prebuilt sample embryonic horrors: an updated version of the embryonic neh-thalggu (CR 4), embryonic aboleth (CR 3), the diminutive embryonic intellect devourer (CR 4), and the awful embryonic shoggoth (CR 7), all ready to use right out of the shell!

Creepy... crawly...

Creepy… crawly…


Another peek Beyond the Void

Yesterday we previewed the four new archetypes included in Beyond the Void. You probably noticed that all four archetypes are for arcane spellcasting classes, so it will come as no surprise to learn that there are some fantastic and horrible (or is that horribly fantastic) spells in this product. Within these pages, you will find, laid out in a handy table for quick reference the following nine bits of dreadful delight.

Alien Contact Sor/Wiz 6, Sum 5 As lesser alien contact, but up to 12 HD
Alien Contact, Greater Sor/Wiz 8, Sum 6 As lesser alien contact, but up to 18 HD
Alien Contact, Lesser Sor/Wiz 5, Sum 4 Call alien creature up to 6 HD and compel it to perform a task
Cosmic Communion Sor/Wiz 4, Sum 3 Contact alien entities for advice, but risk madness and retribution
Deform Angularity Sor/Wiz 5, Sum 4 Warp reality to redirect attacks from you to nearby creatures
Discharge Eyespore Alc 4, Sor/Wiz 4, Sum 4 Release floating eye that senses the unseen and explodes with blinding sickness if destroyed
Embryonic Implantation Alc 5, Sor/Wiz 6, Sum 5 Impregnate target with the seed of an alien.
Fade from Existence Alc 4, Sor/WIz 4, Sum 4 Slip out of reality for 1 round, moving throuwh warped subspace.
Shroud of Stars Sor/Wiz 8 A mantle of starry blackness hides you and shields you from light and darkness


A pair of feats also features here, each helpful in its own way to those interacting with alien menaces. Summon Star-Spawn helps you call upon them to serve you… and Crawler in Darkness helps hide in a quivering, shuddering, cowering puddle on the floor when your erstwhile servants inevitably turn on you… 🙂


A peek Beyond the Void!

As we approach completion on our latest contribution to spreading cosmic horror far and wide in your game, it seemed like a good time to whet your appetite for the publication of Beyond the Void! So what exactly can you expect to find within these pages, aside from the usual Secrets Man Was Not Meant to Know? Let me tell you about… the archetypes!

Alienist (summoner archetype) – Where other summoners tap into the boundless power of the planes to draw forth their minions and to form their eidolon, an alienist stretches forth his power through impossible angles into the endless reaches of space and the far, twisted corners of reality. Archetype abilities: summon star-spawn, eldritch lore, alien explorer, terrible witness, stargate. Your eidolon also gets in on the alien goodies with alien anatomy, emotionless, extra tentacles, and unnatural fear.

Bathynaut (alchemist archetype) – While elder things and alien entities often predated the rise of civilization, many were known and even venerated in long-fallen antediluvian civilizations whose cities and nations have long since vanished beneath the waves in legendary cataclysms long past. Bathynauts are scholars and explorers of the abyssal deeps of the world’s oceans, probing the oozy rifts of the ocean floor to find the lost relics of ancient cultures touched by visitors from beyond, often becoming tainted themselves by their discoveries of secrets better left buried beneath the waves. Archetype abilities: aquatic apparatus, slippery swimmer, eldritch explorer, aquatic enchantment, submersible suit.

Deviant (wizard archetype) – You have studied deeply the splicing and joining of tissues, whether naturally evolving or never born together, looking for the fingerprints of the elder things and their genetic tampering that caused the races and creatures of this world to be. You have made those secrets your own, creating your own unnatural abominations. Archetype abilities: mutagen, mutated minion, mutation mastery, persistent mutagen.

Iridic Mage (wizard archetype) – The iconography of eyes is ubiquitous among those studying the farthest alien realms, whether a single great all-seeing orb, or multitudinous eyes rippling over deliquescent and shapeless elder things. Iridic mages seek out hidden residues of alien presences, some seeking to serve and others to slay, but always to know. The eyes of iridic mages are always on the heavens, keeping watch should the space-gods ever return, for good or more likely to the ruin of all. Archetype abilities: bonded sign, light of revelation, piercing gaze.

Of course, there’s more. SO MUCH MORE! But that’s for another preview!