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2013 Preview #4: Imperial Heroes

And now… the rest of the story!

Saroune Anzoletta (female human transmuter (scrollmaster)) – “You like this dance? It’s called the Weave of Sorrow and I’ve made my own form of it. In ancient times, my people would perform it with bladed scarves, nicking themselves here and there as a means of bloodletting and pain to reflect the loss they feel for their loved ones. My version uses scrolls instead, but the only sorrow and bloodletting I perform is upon my enemies.”

Kieyanna Waide (female half-elf cleric of the goddess of love) – “Some scoff at the power of love, but history is full of stories telling how it changed the hearts of villains…or inspired the righteous to stand against them. Love accomplishes what no spell or weapon can. It motivates us to put others before ourselves. And, when necessary, it leads us to lay down our lives for the greater good. There’s nothing more powerful than that.”

Ragnar Bralgweir (male human barbarian (invulnerable rager)) – “YOU! You will taste the steel of my axe as I cleave that inglorious tongue from your lying mouth! By the gods, your body shall be cast to the wolves and ravens so they may take their fill of your carcass and remove your taint from this world forevermore.” —a declaration of ire from the proud Viking warrior Ragnar just before he backs up such threats with rage, violence, and deadly effect.

And last but certainly not least…

Nurch the Easily Overlooked (male goblin ninja) – “Nurch am goblin, but not like other goblins. Nurch read and write words of the longshanks. They teach him be better goblin, more sneaky and stabby. Can steal other goblins blind now! They never know Nurch am there. Other goblins not like Nurch. They try kill Nurch, but pretty elf save Nurch. Now Nurch follow pretty elf so him save her, too.”

The character write-ups, roleplay notes, advancement tips, campaign plot hooks, and stat blocks for these characters are amazingly detailed and totally fun. It will bring a tear to my eye to finally get this one in the hands of the fans. Today’s final thought:

Nurch am awesome!