2013 Previews #14: Kings and Kingdoms

And now is where things get really interesting. We revealed last fall what our next series of products would be, in support of a certain Kings and Kingdoms AP! That was a far-off plan then, but now we’re actually approaching their release and are ready to tell you what’s coming!

Before talking about specific products, I should say that these products are somewhat less specifically tied to the setting of that AP, or maybe more precisely that because that AP was intentionally created as a sandbox, many products designed for support of this AP can easily be used in any other campaign. Whether an AP, a homebrew, or anything in between, it’s not hard to find an area of vast wilderness, with fey-haunted forests, windswept hills, and unscrupulous bandits and robber barons. To be sure, many of the planned products are designed with a particular eye toward the tropes, themes, and unique mechanics that underlie the Kings and Kingdoms AP. At the same time, it’s important to note that those themes and tropes are a lot more broadly portable than the narrower themes of Gothic horror and Asian influences.

The adventures we have planned for this product line obviously have the most in common with the published storyline of the Kings and Kingdoms AP. Like the Plug-In adventures we created for the Gothic AP and Far East AP, these are designed to fill in gaps in the existing meta-narrative of the AP. Sometimes this means enriching areas that are touched on only briefly in the published adventures, expanding opportunities to use existing rules subsystems within an AP, or developing closer relationships with existing NPCs or locations. These adventures can also serve to enhance the foreshadowing of later villains or dealing with the after-effects of overcoming villains early in the AP, which can be an especially important issue in a sandbox AP where a long-term antagonist may seem to come out of nowhere, or an early character that seems important may entirely fall by the wayside. Bridging these gaps with our plug-in adventures provides stronger and richer linkages of the adventures and making the whole AP a more robust experience for players and GM alike.

Besides adventures, you can expect expanding setting material and supplemental rules to support the unique gameplay opportunities introduced in the Kings and Kingdoms AP, just like you’ve come to expect from us in our other product lines. Some products will be similar to what we’ve done before for other APs. Others will be new. What will they be? Starting next week… you’ll find out!


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