2013 Preview #5: Mad Doctor’s Formulary

Sometimes you have a great idea that you don’t quite know what to do with. When we were first putting together Tomes of Arcane Knowledge last summer, Boomer sent me 1000 words or so of ideas for a different kind of book entitled Regarding the Clockwork of Capillaries: Collected & Annotated Notes on Engines of Sinew, Bone, and Nerve. It was not a spellbook like the other ones, but a book that dealt with skills and feats and how to use them in new ways. Following the Gothic horror theme, it was all about mad scientists, and in particular the kinds of twisted medical experiments an eeeeevil doctor might perform on his hapless victims.

But what to do with it? It was horror, but it wasn’t really a spellbook. It wasn’t long enough to make its own product, but could we make it fit with anything else? Eventually, when we started making the Gothic Grimoires it seemed like the ideal venue for it. Ironically, though, as I started developing the text it just grew and grew into a full-sized product we are calling the Mad Doctor’s Formulary.

Within you will find unveiled the secrets of Chirurgery, a dark and corrupted amalgam of alchemy and surgery and its powers to reshape body and mind. The mechanics of this malevolent medicine are explained in depth, along with detailed rules for 11 specialized chirurgical procedures, including Adjust Appearance, Adjust Attitude, Graft Flesh, Implant Psychic Trigger, Induce Amnesia, Insert Limbic Reservoir, Install Kill-Switch, Instill Identity, Lobotomize, Stimulate Adrenal Cortex, and of course just plain old Surgery.

Now Regarding the Clockwork of Capillaries still exists as a part of the Mad Doctor’s Formulary, but that’s for the next preview… 🙂

Meanwhile, courtesy of Frank Hessefort, your first look at a book you never want to see in your doctor’s hands.

Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit...


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