2013 Preview #3: Imperial Heroes

Yes, we’ve previewed this product before, but it slid into the dark netherworld of development purgatory for a time. At the end of purgatory, though, is the gateway to paradise, and at long last Neil Spicer’s Imperial Heroes is ready to step into the light! We showed some of our early art, but we are now ready to reveal the full lineup of characters to be found in this pregen product. If you’ve read Neil’s Gothic Heroes, you know the ridiculous level of detail and craft you’ll find in these characters, making them suitable not just as NPCs but also appealing enough that you might just want to play one as your regular PC (with scaling notes for using them in PFS, if you want to go that route). Without further ado, we hope you are looking forward to making the acquaintance of:

Akobi Thiesson (male human cavalier (honor guard)) – “I used to think nothing could be more honorable than serving my king, but life has a way of changing things when you’re looking the other way. House Thiesson is gone now. It’s just me and my sister. But there’s still honor and purpose in how we live. So, I’ll look after her and my friends…even if it takes us to the other side of the world.”

Jin Thiesson (female human rogue) – “I’ve always wanted to see my mother’s homeland—the exotic Far East! Maybe my brother and I can reconnect with our family there! After all, it’s not like there’s a life here for us anymore. So, why not see the world and whatever lies across the horizon? Life’s an adventure, right? That’s what mom and dad always said, and I intend to live like it!”

Masato Koshin (male human monk (martial artist)) – “The Enlightened One teaches that nothing is impossible if we seek perfection. By perfecting our minds, we master the body. By perfecting our bodies, we draw upon our ki and harness the spirit inside us. By perfecting our ki, we achieve a greater understanding of the world and our place in it. My place is here with you, and together we will achieve the impossible.”

Caladrel Qoervari (male elf magus (bladebound)) – “I don’t know what it is about this voice, but it speaks to me…and I’m compelled to listen. It’s strongest when I’m fighting, as if it guides my hand and channels my spells in battle. I think it’s leading me somewhere…to something. All so I can accomplish some greater deed. I think it wants me to go with you. And I don’t want to deny it, even if I could.”

And that’s only the half of it! Tune in tomorrow for the other half of the active-duty roster! Meanwhile, since we previewed Jin Thiesson way back when, it seems only fitting that we give you a sneak peek at her brother Akobi! More to come!

Akobi Thiesson, standing ready to guard SOMEBODY's honor!


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